Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Thursday, May 14, 2009

4/19/09 - 5/9/09 Recovery and Getting out of the house!

We finally rid ourselves of the dreaded Pink Eye. The disease spread through Brooke to Cameron to Jackson back to Cameron to Dad to John to Halsy to Katelyn and finally ended there!! Mom, Jena, Matt, and Megan came out unscathed. We were purell and clorox freak!! I couldn't stop cleaning and washing things. I NEVER want pink eye again. Hopefully we cleaned well enough that it is gone forever. I haven't posted in so long due to the amount of sick and suffereing people (including myself) that I was caring for. We were so excited to be able to leave the house, but we were so nervous we waited a week after we showed no symptoms to venture out. We took the boys to the playground, out to dinner, to the grocery store (where we liberally drenched the cart in Lysol becasue we determined that was the origination of the pink eye in the first place) and we were loving being around human beings again!

Halsy had been working for Play N' Trade (video game store) for almost a year and it was wonderful. However, the owners weren't too business saavy and announced they were closing the store down. Leaving us without income.....SCARY. Luckily Roof Life needed some data entry work done and he could do that part time from home and then it turned into a full time office position!! YAY for Halsy! We are so happy to have a working schedule again. It gets a little crazy when Daddy is home too much (Mothers out there....you know what I mean). Halsy is still doing school and we only have 1 term left before we start Chirporactic College!!! YIKES....now that it is getting closer I don't think I'm ready.

Cody (our cousin) is leaving on his mission and on Sunday we drove to Seattle to hear his farewell and give him loves! Cameron did so well in the car. Napped, ate, played, read books, and caused no fuss! I am so thankful for my sweet little guy. Cody did a great job and it was fun to see all the family again! We had Mother's Day at Red Robin in Seattle, which was a little weird, but it was better than in the car. We had yummy lunch, balled as we read our Mothers Day cards and then got on the road home.

Cameron is getting smarter by the day. He has learned a few new tricks that I just love and of course he won't perform for anyone. If you ask "How big's Cameron?" then say "Soooooo Big!" he puts his arms above his head and smiles! So cute!! He knows how to Moooo like a cow and Baaa like a sheep too! He loves to sing with Grandma Morin and even is starting to do some of the actions with her. He has no fear of the stairs, which is heart attack time for me becasue he will just walk right off the top stair. He loves to run circles with JAckson around the couches and play their own version of tag (which usually ends up in pushing and crying) but they have so much fun in the nea time, what are you going to do? Cameron also loves to Dance. I have a video on facebook of him dancing and it is too cute!!