Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Talking Talking

Katey Jane is trying to talk to her mommy! She says things all day that I can't understand and she is so darn cute and persistent I just can't stand it.

Today she was trying so desperately to tell me what she wanted......it sounded like "oone" and I was guessing all kinds of things. Finally after 5 minutes of her little lips repeating "Oone" I said "You want mommy's Phone?" She began clapping and saying "YAY!!" as if to say You got it mom!! It was so darn cute! We were so excited to understand each other.

Her other new word that I just discovered is gum......which she pronounces "um" and points her chubby little finger in her mouth.

She says "Get Out" as "Gee Out" and "Get Down" as "Gee Douwn"

When we watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - she says "Pete" clear as a bell. It is super cute.

"NO" and "Nonie" are two of her favorite words. She also yells "Let Go" a lot thanks to her older brother and cousins.

I love to hear her little voice and watch her mouth as the words come spilling out. Her cheeks and her little teeth with her beautiful red lips.....wow I can't get enough of her!

She makes Cameron laugh when she tries to talk to him - because it makes absolutely no sense. She will babble an entire sentence and Cameron will look at me with a silly look on his face and start laughing.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Will this EVER get better???

Cameron is finally on the mend and now Miss Katey Jane and I have the sickies. KJ has an ear infection and a fever with a cough. I feel like puking, have a cough, and just feel overall yuck all the time. Its hard to know if it is pregnancy for me or a cold.....all around we all don't feel so good around here. Luckily Halsy hasn't gotten it yet. I am running out of hope. I just want to feel better.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Cameron is sick.....AGAIN

Poor Cameron - it seems like he is getting sick once a month. Now he has caught the cold that Dad and John had - which is a horrible cough. He had a really bad fever for 2 days and luckily it broke this morning, but that cough. He can barely get a sentence out without coughing so hard he chokes. His little body can't hold on much longer it seems.......we slept a little better last night due to a really steamy shower before bed, but still not good. Cameron and I sleep in the living room and Halsy and KJ sleep in their normal beds. The doctor is calling in some Tylenol with Codine today to hopefully give him a break from this mean ole' cough.

It is so hard to have a really sick kid. We can't go anywhere and I feel like I am covered in germs and grime all day. I just sit and fetch drinks, time meds, cuddle, comfort, and offer words of encouragement.My house is a bomb and no one can count on me for anything. I hope this gets better soon.

Baby is doing well

I am 12 weeks along and I am still not feeling better. Hitting that 12 week mark with no improvements is depressing. I felt better for a couple days and now have dive bombed back into yucky town. This pregnancy is not like my others. I have this awful taste in my mouth ALL THE TIME. I have to combat that with Diet Squirt and brushing my teeth multiple times a day. I am still super tired and slow.....no energy at all. I am super happy to report that the baby is happy and healthy in there......got to see "it" moving around at my ultrasound. Can't wait to get further along and start feeling better - usually I LOVE to be pregnant, but not this one so far.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Inner Peace

Cameron was showing his Daddy some sweet tricks on the mattresses we have laid out on the floor, when he said, "Daddy, want to know how I did that one?" Halsy replied, "How, because that was amazing"

To which Cameron replied, "Inner Peace".

We died from the cuteness. Kung Fu Panda 2 is his new favorite movie and that is how Po defeats Shen - using  his inner peace.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Good Morning Katey Jane

When KJ wakes up in the morning you can hear her calling for me. "Mama! Mama!" "I wanna play" over and over again. All of it through her binky of course. She is so edible - we've now added "I wanna play" "Get Down" and "Go out" to her list of new phrases! She is the sweetest baby girl EVER!

Pregnancy Update (11 weeks)

I am one huge gas bubble. The thing I have noticed that is most different about this pregnancy is that if I am not burping, I am farting, and vice versa. I am constantly Burping! Its crazy. I am starting to feel better as my nausea is waning - Hallelujah! I am still needing a bottle of water attached to me at all times and snacks throughout the day - but I can handle that over feeling sick. I am waking in the night to go to the bathroom and I really hate that. I get to see my doctor tomorrow and hear the little heartbeat - I am so excited. It is so calming to hear that noise.