Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cameron's First Word and Sign!!

Cameron said his first official word!! He has already said Maaa and Daaa and boble (bottle), but he has never said anything clear enough to be an actual word. Yesterday he said "APPLE" and pointed to an apple on the counter. Clear as a bell "APPLE". He gets such a reaction every time he does it that he repeats it all the time now. I am so proud of my little guy. I can't wait to hear his little voice more and more.

Here he is in the car doing it again...

I have been signing to Cameron since he was 10 months old. Just a few basics: Mom, Dad, Food, More, Please, Night Night, I Love You, Milk....anyways he is starting to sign back!! He can make the sign for Milk and for Please, but yesterday he put two signs together to say "MORE PLEASE". It is the cutest thing....I will get it on video because it really is so adorable. The best part is that he knows what he is saying. We were eating a banana together and I always say and sign "MORE PLEASE" while we are eating....and yesterday he signed back!!!
It's the little things that make life fun!