Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bye Bye Binky

Katey Jane has given up the binky! We are doing it in stages because she really really really LOVES her binkies. We only have it at nap time and at Bedtime. She has been so wonderful with all of it. She only puts up a fuss sometimes. It is fun to hear her little words without a binky filter. We love seeing her teeth and watching her cheeks move as she talks, smiles, laughs, and even cries. We are planning to remove it completely someday, but for now we are celebrating the small victories!

Big Shoes - Little Girl

Katey Jane loves Shoes.

This could be the entire post, but I feel the need to describe her antics lately. She loves shoes so much she wears them while she sleeps. She wears her shoes, brother's shoes, My shoes, GG's shoes, Katelyn's shoes, or anyone's that are left on the floor. She loves them and I love to hear the noise of clip clopping on the upstairs floor because she found a pair of high heel shoes that caught her fancy. I will post a picture soon.

Mommy, you stink

Cameron was watching the season finale of " Once upon a Time" with me while KJ was sleeping. We got to cuddle and it was so lovely to be just me and him for a little while. We were watching a part about a dragon and I was telling him all about it - right in the middle of one of my sentences he interrupts with a sheepish grin " Mommy, you stink". I started laughing and replied with "Your breath smells pretty bad too buddy, we need to go shower and brush our teeth, huh" He laughed with me and when KJ got up - we headed off to "clean ourselves up" as my Dad says.

As an explanation - I want you to know that I had just finished cleaning our house and folding all the laundry, so I probably did smell. Also - Cameron had just woken from a little cat nap and had major stank breath. I laughed through it all because of the honesty of a 4 year old :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pregnancy Update 27-30 Weeks (its a long one)

 When I found out I was pregnant I learned that my previous OB moved to another type of medicine so I had to find someone else. My first choice was the Newberg Hospital, but since I was a VBAC they said no. I had to go to Tuality or St. Vincents. I wanted Tuality because it was much closer. On the phone I got and called many doctors. Finally when I called Dr. Andrews they informed me that they accepted my insurance. I was so excited. I have been going there the entire pregnancy until week 27. I went in for my regular appointment and the insurance lady pulled me into another room and told me that they found out a month previous that they actually don't take my insurance, and she was sorry she hadn't told me until just now. I began to cry. I was worried they were going to charge me $$$ for everything they had done up until that point. I was sad that I wouldn't get to see Dr. Andrews anymore. I was just stressed in general. They were so nice to me. Dr. Andrews saw me anyway that day and they said they wouldn't charge me anything for all the time I had been going there. The relief was huge!! I cried most of the way home. Here I was 6 months pregnant and on the hunt for a new doctor. I had to go to St. Vincents because of my insurance and after asking for referrals from some friends of mine, I found a really good one! I like him a lot.

Previous to the story above I was really struggling, emotionally, for a few weeks I was not myself. I was tired ALL THE TIME, I was really mean and snappy, I was over eating (gained 6 lbs in one week!), I felt overwhelmed all the time and very out of my own control, I yelled at everyone and stopped smiling. It felt like it did when I had postpartum depression. I asked Dr. Andrews about it and he gave me some medication. WOW did it work. I am a new woman. My emotions are back in my control and I sleep better, etc. I am a  much better mommy and have my patience back. I was so grateful for his understanding and am grateful this medication is working so well for me.

After seeing Dr. Hoffman (my new OB), he went over all my records and he saw that my blood tests did not come back normal from my 3 hour glucose test. Which meant that I had Gestational Diabetes. I was really upset. I had no idea what that even meant or entailed, but knew I wanted to make sure I took the best care of myself possible. They got me an appointment with a diabetes specialist and they gave me the run down on my new diet and blood sugar regulation. I now get to eat every 3-4 hours and limit my carbs/sugar. I track everything I eat and prick my finger and check my blood sugar levels 4 times daily. It has pretty much taken over my life. It is all I think about. When do I eat next? How much do I eat? ......speaking of....I must break for a finger prick..........ok I'm back (my number was normal YAY!) When do I test myself? Etc, etc, etc. It is a major ordeal. I have been doing it now for a week and I haven't had low enough numbers. So now I get to go see a Perinatal specialist to get an ultrasound and be evaluated for insulin injections. I was also trained on how to do that at my appointment today, just in case. It was so weird to fill a needle and then stick yourself. Luckily it hardly hurts a wink, but I sorta feel like a junkie. This is all so crazy, but the lady assured me that in 95% of women, gestational diabetes leaves as soon as they baby comes out! Believe me I will be chowing down on some major grub in the hospital. Bring it all on!! Fries, Rice, Pizza, Milk, Fruit, Hawaiian Food, Chinese Food, Italian Food, a big juicy BURGER! Oh my mouth is watering!

Oh an just to make my day even lovelier - on my way home from the appointment that I found out I had Gestational Diabetes......I got a ticket for being on my phone. I was telling Halsy about all the stuff I now had to do. It was just not my day.

Other than all of the above: Baby is happy and healthy. I feel great, my body is holding up very well! I have to run to the bathroom all the time with emergency #1, but I can handle that. I pee my pants quite often now.....it must be getting worse with each baby, any sneeze, cough, laugh, or squat and it's over. That is probably TMI, but I figure I will forget if it doesn't get written down :) I have no cravings (not that they would be allowed anyway) and it is fun to see my belly move as he does. Can't wait to meet our little man!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Graduate

Cameron completed his first year of Preschool! I can't believe a school year has passed and he is 4. Time sure flies. We participated in a co-op preschool with some other kids his age in our ward. It was a lot of work, but I really liked it in the end. We are going to do it again in the fall. It will be crazier that's for sure - with new baby boy and all - but we'll make it through!

I am so proud of Cameron. I love watching him think and hearing the places his brain takes him. Way to go little man!