Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Monday, March 28, 2011

Katey Jane is walking!!

Today Katey Jane took 6 steps in a row!! We have a big girl on our hands - she has all of a sudden gotten faster, braver, and highly skilled at moving around!! She is climbing and moving so speedy all over the place!! WHEW.

Unfortunately I broke our camera on our latest hike and so videos will be coming in the near future!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Biggest Girl

Katey Jane is getting bigger and smarter every day! Her little, well actually not little. Her BIG opinion is coming out. She definately lets you know when you are doing something she doesn't like!! She is standing for a few seconds without knowing it and she is so fast at crawling/walking along things! I have no more escape - she can get everywhere in the house. She has even started going up the stairs Ahhhhhhh! Scary. She is so proud of herself when she finds me - I love to see her little head pop around the corner of the kitchen island and see her big grin because she made it!! She is teething again - got her second tooth right next to the other on the bottom. She is such a cuddle bug and we all still adore her laid back attitude. She is signing "MORE" & "MILK" all the time and "ALL DONE" has entered the mix at meal times!

Cameron loves to excercise

My family works out together three days a week and when I wake up to join them I always enjoy it. The key word in that sentence is WHEN. Oh well. This morning I got up to work out and Cameron came out to join us. I absolutely love it! He does it right along with us! He squats, runs, lifts his little 2.5 pound weight, and does sit-ups/push-ups. I love watching his little body, his little toes, his pot belly, his face beaming with pride! Oh I just love every part of him!! He adores watching Bryan (a friend who come to the workout) and trys to do all his moves like a "big tough boy" and he likes to go "very fast!". He even gave Bryan a kiss this morning - what a sweet little man I have!

Epic Battle

We watched Bambi yesterday with the boys and after this scene Jackson said:

"Mom! Did you see that Battle of the Deers?!"

Oh how I love this kid! Jena and I laughed forever after that one - I think it comes from watching all the dinosaur shows he loves. They are always "Battling".

Friday, March 11, 2011

Just one of the many.....

I have truly enjoyed living at my parent's house for the past 4 years!! There are so many things I adore about it, but this video showcases probably one of the top five!

My kids always have a Grandpa, or an Uncle, or a cousin, or an Aunt, or a GG to play with anytime they want! What love my kiddos have!

I was lucky enough to hide on the stairs and get this on film!!

More Please!

We've started signing to Katey Jane and she is signing back!! I LOVE it! We also  are teaching her some cute tricks. So far, she can wave hi or bye-bye and she can tell us how big she is!