Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A note for history

My mother's aunt may and her husband reed have bees married for 50+ years. My great uncle has dementia and the only thing he can really remember these days are jokes. he tells the best jokes! Today they were skyping with the family here in Oregon and the following conversation ensued: 

Dad (Patrick): Well uncle reed since you can remember them, why don't you tell us a joke?
Reed: I married a joke!
May: (from the background) be careful reed, remember I am the one who pushes your wheelchair :)

I thought my cousin Bryan was gonna explode with laughter. He couldn't believe they'd been married all this time talking like that to each other. I love my family. We are big, loud, crazy, loving, and fun.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Last huge, enormous, gigantic, crazy Catch-up (May)

A day at the Zoo!

 Katey Jane's face is almost back to normal! YAY.

Sunny days playing in the yard!

Complete with naked kiddos and popsicles

Landon has followed in his older brother and sister's footsteps - he could swing all day and never be sick of it!

The couch cruiser has gained SPEED

 Halsy got his first paycheck!! 

My parents babysat so we could go on a "First Paycheck Date" and we came home to this. Melt Me.

What up Boi!

Poor Cameron and I had a bad week with the dentist. Cameron had cavities when he was younger in his front four teeth. When the fillings were put in the dentist gave us some okay odds that he would keep them until he was of teeth-losing age......well his poor teeth started hurting him. They hurt when he ate, or did anything. It happened on a Thursday afternoon and we could not get in with his pediatric dentist, let alone ANY pediatric dentist within 15 miles. I finally had to call my dentist from when I was a kid (not a pediatric specialist) and he did me a major favor and came in Friday at noon (his day off I might add) to help Cameron. After testing his teeth to see which ones hurt, Cameron's answers were inconclusive as to which teeth hurt. So he took xrays and it showed decay around the front teeth - the same ones with fillings. His best guess was to remove the middle front teeth. 

A Little history - Cameron is the best kid at the dentist. He lets them look in his mouth, even had shots and cavities filled - the kid is amazing. 

Back to the story - Dr. Robinson has no notrus in his office so we numbed him up with novocaine and yanked them. It was the worst thing I have ever had to do as a mother. Cameron was screaming and shaking and I know it hurt, but there was nothing I could do. I was there holding the suction straw (there were no hygienists there) and trying to comfort him as best I could. He was so traumatized. Poor guy. He felt better after so we thought we had solved the problem. This was his picture after that appointment.

Here he is on Saturday - fit as a fiddle.
Saturday night he started complaining that the tooth next to the front teeth was hurting. Buy Sunday morning it was so bad he couldn't function again. No eating, no sleeping, it was bad. I called Dr. Robinson on Sunday to get some pain medication and he did ok with that for Sunday. I called his pediatric dentist Monday morning to hopefully get in to see them so that this tooth pull wouldn't be so traumatic. Well, I was wrong. They were great and squeezed us in, but Cameron was having no part in it. He was screaming like he was being stabbed before they even started. I know he felt this one too.......ooooh it brings tears to my eyes and makes my tummy sick to remember it. I knew this was the problem tooth from the beginning because as soon as it was pulled his whole body relaxed and it was like there was no pain. 
We went back for a check up a week later - it was bad. He wouldn't even lay on the table for the doctor. He wouldn't let them look in his mouth. We have to start over from zero. I am so sad about it. He was sooo good. Sorry Cameron.

 Landon LOVES Austin

and graham crackers....

For some reason this is the only photo I took at the annual Carter Camping trip. We had so much fun this year!! 

Annual Check up with Dr, Palmer! We Love Dr. Palmer. Cameron was seen for his 5 year, KJ for her 3 yr, and Landon for his 9 mo. They let me set an appointment for all three to come at one. It was crazy, but we are finished for another year!

Cameron graduated from Preschool! 

This is his class - minus one little gal

We're 5!!

GG and Aunt Megan came. He was so excited.

My new favorite thing - Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper

My three kiddos watching morning cartoons!

I love going for walks now that we have so many bikers!

Cameron learned from his Uncle Matt how to ride a bike without his training wheels!! 

Don't forget the stroller brigade!


Cameron is a really good big brother!

He can clap!!

Another huge, enormous, gigantic, crazy Catch-up (April)

 Playing at Rood Bridge Park
 Cameron is an amazing climber, swinger, runner, etc. He is just so good at all things physical. He can do the Monkey bars!

My pretty Katey Jane

 April 4th is KJ's birthday - we now have a 3 year old girl at our house!

Woke up to fun decorations in the morning!

We went bowling and had so much fun!

Mini corn dogs, french fries, hamburgers and soda pop! Our tummies were happy!

Landon choked on a fry and yakked it all over his clothes. He spent the rest of the night looking like a jedi.

Our sweet happy KJ

Conference morning means only one thing......cinnamon rolls! Halsy made them this year and man were they good!

Tower building during conference.

Cameron is my silly boy. We laugh a lot together.

Another homemade triumph.....chocolate cake with oreo cream filling.

Handsome boy!

Landon is so content. I am grateful for his sweet little demeanor.

KJ wearing all her birthday spoils!

No matter where Landon is he always crosses his feet. In his car seat, drinking his bottle, cuddling with us, anywhere. It is the cutest thing.

KJ doing Insanity with Auntie Jena.

Katey Jane fell from the barstools and hit her teeth on the granite counter. Her teeth were shoved up into her gums and off we rushed to the Urgent Care, then ER, then finally to a pediatric dentist. She ended up being ok that day so they sent us home and told us to watch her closely.

This was the next day.....youch. The swelling went down a little and she was feeling better.....but,

The next day her face began to swell back up and she was complaining that it hurt. So we took her back in to the pediatric dentist and then he sent us to OHSU to get looked at. We spent FOREVER in the doctor's office waiting to be seen and were only sent home with antibiotics! (frustrating to say the least) 

On the way to OHSU - poor girl.

In the waiting room at OHSU

Her face is getting better!! The antibiotics were the ticket and her face eventually got back to normal.

Landon always falls asleep in the hiking backpack.

Laundry piles beware - Landon cruises the couch :) 

Video Catch-up

I think Katey Jane will be a dancer :) she loves to do it.

Katey Jane's face is getting better!

Bumbo Ride!

We found this youtube video called "How to Eat Like an Animal", if you haven't seen it WATCH IT NOW! It is pretty funny and Cameron really thought it was funny too.

Ticklish Landon and his manly laugh!