Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Its been a year......

    Its been a year since Halsy graduated from Chiropractic school and what a year it has been!! We started with 4 months of unemployment, followed by 2 months at the worst job EVER!! We are halfway through our 6th month at a new job and we are in absolute heaven! Halsy works at EmPOWERed Health in Clackamas and he works with another chiropractor that has been there for 12 years. She is awesome and we are so grateful. We have been in financial strain as you probably already know for years between school, no job, and bad jobs, and finally starting a new job.......but I am happy to say that things are looking up! There is light at the end of our tunnel and we have hope of actually bringing in some income.
    Well - let me give you a little history (if talking about money offends you or makes you squirmish - don't continue - I am just too excited not to share!) Starting this new job 5 months ago we were given a base amount of $1250.00/ 2 weeks - so $1094 was what we brought home. Which is like living on nothing. Halsy has been working so hard and seeing more and more patients each month. He gets loads of praise from his boss and co-workers and he has return patients that love him. So today he sent me this picture of his check!!

We've never had that much money in one paycheck in our lives!! We freaked out! So excited!! I am so proud of my husband! I am most happy that he is proud of himself! 

Of course all of it is going towards debts and replacing worn clothing, out of size shoes, new bedding, things that we've just lived with can at least be upgraded a little. But WHO CARES!! I am excited to have some moolah coming in and so blessed that we can work hard and earn what our family needs!!
  We are truly blessed

Monday, December 2, 2013

Landon is 15 months!!

Landon is growing so fast! He is still the happiest, sweetest, cutest, best baby EVER!

He is talking even more and it feels like he says a new word every few days! His new words are: MOMMY(changed from Mama), DADDY(changed from Dada), GG, GAMPA, PAPA, PIZZA, TEETHIES (for brushing teeth), I LOVE YOU (makes the sign too - so cute), NO-NO, BITE(when he wants some of what you're eating), TICKLE TICKLE, BALL, PEE-YEW-WEE (for poopy diapers), SIDE
(when he wants to go outside), DOWN, STUCK, OUT, OW(for hurts) & BOTTLE (pronounced DADOO). That brings the total to 24 words!! Holy Moly! He babbles full sentences when we talk to him - so cute.
  He is starting to make animal noises:
Donkey, Bunny, Cow, and Horse

He Loves to laugh and smile - he makes us all very happy.

We went to go see Dr. Palmer for his check up and here are his stats:
Weight: 22 lbs 5 oz (17th percentile)
Height: 31 inches (41st percentile)
Head: 19" (78th percentile)

He is a climber - we find him in the weirdest places with no idea how he got up so high! He loves to get on the table.

He has discovered the joy of the toilet and loves to fill it with copious amounts of toilet paper. I just love this phase.

We LOVE our Landon Man.

Cameron can read!!

  Cameron has been practicing and practicing and I must say he is getting quite talented. We have a book that we love, its the "Teach your child to read in 100 lessons" book. He really gets it and we LOVE watching his mind work. He gets so excited when he understands what he is reading too.

  He likes to pretend he can read all words so he carried around big books and opens them and scans pages and shouts words he recognizes to me. This time he was reading the Book of Mormon (don't get any ideas, this is a total fluke) and he was scanning the pages and began to sound out a word ..B..U..T...but.....BUTT? Then began hysterically laughing. Of all the words to pick to sound out - he picked "but". We laughed the rest of the night.

Being a boy rocks!!

I took the three boys (Jackson, Cameron, and Landon) for a walk while Katey Jane was sleeping. We were all getting cabin fever and decided to bundle up and get outta here. I just love boys. They look at the world so differently. Everything you find is either a gift for Mom or a weapon of mass destruction. We walked to see the horses and then decided to stop and play in the rocks at the top of our road for a while. After that we walked down towards the dead end of the road and the boys found big sticks along the way. They were playing power rangers and ninja turtles. Landon watched for a while and then picked up a stick, began waving it toward his bros and saying "hiya" "Hi-ya!". It was the cutest thing - manhood skills were already being taught from big bro to little bro. After fighting like ninjas we found mole hills and found that throwing dirt clods at a chain link fence was totally awesome. We did that for a while longer until my toes and fingers were going numb. I had to drag them back to the house, but after a promise of hot chocolate the rest of the walk was easy! We came back to the house and made yummy hot chocolate. We made a cup for Katey Jane and went and woke her up with a treat. She was a happy camper :)