Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Monday, January 29, 2018

Claire 11 months old and other family updates

Claire is changing and learning so much that I need to write it down!

She can now:

*WALK!! Yes she is mobile and getting faster every day.
*When you say "How bigs' Claire?" she raises her hands above her head as we say "This big!"
*She gives kisses
*If you ask her where your nose is- she will point to it.
* She can give high fives
* When people say "yay" or she hears clapping she claps too!
*She says "Uh Oh" which is her official first word, but now she is associating it with things that really mean "uh oh" like tripping or loosing her balance while walking.
*She copies us when we sing (I have an awesome video that I'll post soon)
*She is signing "bottle" and "more"
* She can almost say bottle too....but only when she is really hungry and really tired...."baaaaoul"
*She is a master stair climber - before you can turn around once she is half way up and so happy about it.

Family Update:

We  have got the sickies around here. It started with Claire, moved its way to me, then John, then Cameron, then Katey Jane, and now Claire AGAIN and Grandpa. Its a bad one and it stays for a long time.

We just had our first baby calf of the season and it was a circus! Luckily dad came home early because he was sick and noticed a momma giving birth in the field! He came in and told us...Landon and I raced to get our clothes/boots on to go watch. As we got closer I noticed it wasn't a baby coming out...a baby was already trying to stand next to the momma. It was her uterus hanging out!! Lucily, I watch Dr. Pol on Animal Planet and I knew immediately it was a prolapsed uterus. I yelled to Dad...."Dad, its not a baby, its her uterus!", He said"What? How do you know?" and I replied, "It happens on Dr. Pol" (The incredible Dr. Pol is a tv show the kids and I like to watch about a veterinarian in Michigan) So we called the vet and sure enough he had to come and push it back inside her YOUCH! Luckily the mommy and baby are ok.

Thats it for now....here are some cute pictures and videos too.
Claire is just the happiest little thing - she is always bursting with joy!!

On a walk to shake off the winter blues

Cameron playing with baby sister

Jackson won an award for good behavior at school and he took the boys to see their first hockey game!! They loved it!

Here is our first baby calf of the season - no name yet.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fun Things

Here are some things we've been enjoying/doing lately:

Claire....duh. She is repeating things back to us and its so fun to have a little parrot. She says: Mom, Dad, Grampa, Uh-Oh and she repeats sounds back (singing style). She is so fast at crawling and standing....walking isn't far away. She puts everything in her mouth and man is she fast. She sees you coming to stop her and she pops it in at lightening speed before you can get it. Then she tries to keep you out of her mouth - she even grabbed halsy's finger and bit him the other day to protest the removal of a foreign object from her chubby cheeks.

"The Greatest Showman" this musical came into theaters before Christmas and we're obsessed. Halsy and I went to see it and then we took the kids back to see it a couple days later. They really love it too. We have been listening to the soundtrack non-stop since then and we LOVE it.

Today is "not back to school day" for us and I'm going to take the kids to play and out to lunch. I just love homeschool - it gives me such freedom and a sense of control over the world that is constantly at war with itself. I hope we get to do it for a long time.

We let the kids stay up until midnight for the first time on New Years Eve and they all Made it (Claire included)!! Cameron was the only grump the next day due to lack of sleep - which I call a success. We spent the following day out to breakfast at Biscuits with Katelyn and David then taking Christmas down at the house.....which took 4.5 hours YIKES - it was my fault because IU suggested that we go through boxes and trash stuff we've not used in YEARS.....well that doubled our workload and wasn't very successful. I think we trashed maybe 15 items, there might be some hoarding tendencies in our DNA somewhere. Then we all took naps/rested before eating the crap out of some Frank's noodle House goodies. We put the kids to bed early and chilled out.

Christmas was a total blast! The kids all got something that they had been wanting and are enjoying their spoils. We went a little bigger this Christmas because we were never able to do it before....but I think we will go back down next year. The kids got a little overwhelmed toward the end and I like that. Halsy made me a beautiful quilt that I love and now rests on our bed. I got him a book of interesting facts and useless knowledge - he loved it. Landon got a Power Wheel, Cam got a BB gun, and KJ got a Fingerling.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Year of Claire

I am writing this as a form of an explanation for my youngest daughter. I know that she will one day look back at her older sibling's collection of blogs with all their stats and accomplishments at every stage and wonder....where's mine?

Well my dear Claire - life is different with 4 kids and we tracked your life too - just in a photographic way. I have millions of pictures and a few stats from doctor's appointments. That is the extent of your "baby blogs" and I wanted you to know why.

You have been a breath of fresh air in our home. We hardly put you down and we constantly kiss and oogle you. We take picture after picture and love your little face. We have spent the last 10 months in baby blissful dream. You make our home joyful, silly, and full of sweet baby things. We celebrate and celebrate again every new word, new sound, new movement, etc. We travel the big house showing each new person your new accomplishment....and they all gush over you. Everyone can't stop buying clothes, headbands, toys, etc for you because we all can't think of a world without you.

So here is your first 10 months summed up in stats:

Birth:       8lbs, 22"

1 month:  10lbs 13 oz, 22 3/4"

2 month:  12lbs 2 oz, 24 1/2"

4 month:  14lbs 12oz, 25 3/4"

I'll get the rest from the pediatrician :)

I will show you all the photos/videos that we have whenever you ask! Right now you are sick and crying behind my computer chair needing me to hold you.....gotta go. Love you Claire.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Last of the Carters - Claire Louise

I have never had false alarms with my labors - but Claire had given me many, once I actually went to the hospital.  I was so sure that she was going to come early that I did castor oil 3x!! It gave me labor pains, but by morning they were always gone. My body was tired, done, and I was sick of eating like a diabetic - so when they said I could be induced I almost did a back flip.

We closed down the office on valentines day to go have Miss Claire. I was induced a week early because I had gestational diabetes and that meant we got to pick the date ourselves!! I wasn't super stoked about a Valentines birthday, but it was the best chance we had of having my OB deliver her. So February 14th it was! 

I woke up at 5am and called the hospital - they gave us the green light and off we went. Mom and Dad stayed home with the kiddos while Halsy and I drove in, got hooked up, etc. they broke my water early thinking that I would have a fast labor for my 4th....but not to be.
 Mom took the kiddos to Kendra's house and the room started to fill with some of my favorite people! We played games, talked, and hung out together waiting to meet Claire! 

It took all day! Slow progression was the name of the game.....family and friends made it ok. 

I had a wonderful nurse who dumped her other patients to spend the day with me! She made me feel powerful, special, and happy. 

Labor lasted longer than everyone thought. I got an epidural....which was not my favorite. He had to poke me 3 times to find the correct space. It was due to my back surgery :( Luckily he found a good space and was able to get me pain free!! The rest of the day was cake after that....all I had to deal with was impatience.

I FINALLY reached 10 cm an we were ready to push. Claire was ready too because she came out in 2 pushes.....just a couple minutes and she was here. She came out pink and perfect. The nurse placed her upside down on my chest so I couldn't see her very well. When I could finally see her we oogled and admired our new little bundle. We decided she looked like Landon and Katey Jane but with hair. TONS of hair!! 

5:05pm, 8 lbs even and just adorable!

There were 3 people in the room who had never seen a baby be born! I loved sharing this day with them - babies coming into the world is one miracle everyone should witness.

 After delivery, the nurse leaned over to them and said..."It never happens this quickly or goes so well" It made me grateful for my body that was able and my healthy baby girl.

 After her bath and being burrito wrapped it was time to meet her family!! Daddy got the first turn and then brothers and sisters took over.

 They couldn't believe how small and beautiful she was. 

We had lots of visitors and helpers come to see us. 

  I was enjoying every minute with my new little gal. We stayed up way too late, but I didn't care. She was so precious and made me so happy.

 This is always my favorite part - dressing them in clothes and taking them home!! 

Welcome to our family Claire Louise Carter

Monday, June 5, 2017

My Pregnancy with #4

My pregnancy with Claire was pretty good. I did end up with Gestational Diabetes again, but was able to control it with diet and glucose pills (no needles YAY)! I really didn't have any special cravings, but I did get weird tastes in my mouth whenever I ate anything too sugary sweet (cookies, donuts, cake, etc) and I LOVE those things. I lost about 8lbs total with this pregnancy and didn't really get sick. I was mostly TIRED and NEEDED REST.

I found out I was pregnant super early (8 weeks) so this pregnancy felt like it lasted forever! We were really trying with this one and I took fifty million pregnancy tests hoping to see a positive. I didn't tell anyone and did a fun Father's Day surprise! I taped this card to a package of baby soaps and he didn't get it at first...but my family caught on quick!

We all laughed and hugged!! My parents were super stoked - mom may have cried a little :)

When we went in for the ultrasound to find out boy/girl I must admit that I was so badly wanting a girl to round out the Carter tribe. We chose to do a mini reveal party and not find out at the ultra sound. We had the lady put the result in an envelope and I delivered the envelope to my friend Kendra - who made the most ADORABLE gender cake

We invited family over and cut it  open - we were so excited!

We got a baby girl!! Miss Claire Louise Carter was coming to be our #4

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Shortest Huge Catch-up ever

Hello world!

After a long....long....long break I feel ready to re-enter the blogging world. It was so heavenly to be absent, but I feel the need to be back because we have a new addition! There are also so many things I want to remember about my kids and I forget everything these days. Prepare for lots of blogs to catch up a little!

Since Nov 2014 our family has:

- Moved twice: once to the country and then back into my parent's house
- Opened a Chiropractic office
- Had a baby! Claire born 2/14/17
- Enjoyed cute dance recitals and awesome soccer games
- Brooke assistant coached Cameron's soccer team and still is
- Enjoyed 2x Christmas, 2x halloween, 2x thanksgiving, 2x 4th of July, etc
- Aged a couple years! Cameron is now 9, KJ is now 7, Landon is now 4
- Changed callings: Brooke is the Stake Primary Music Leader and Halsy is a Primary teacher for the 10 year olds
- Brooke had back surgery and it fixed her back issues - yay!
- Spent much time with family!
- Cameron and Katey Jane have learned to read!
- Brooke got to go to Girls Camp and be the first Camp Choir Director - it was AMAZING!
- Cameron was baptized
- We've continued Homeschool
- Landon is in preschool
- Cameron and Halsy go to do their first Pinewood Derby with the scouts - 3rd place!!
- Cameron and KJ now have their very own library cards!!
- Enjoyed the crap out of this:

- Oh and so much more!! Hiking, camping, laughing, game playing, fighting, growing, loving, trips to Eugene, trip to California.......

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wally Kazaam, you moron!

Every morning the kids climb into our bed after they wake up and we all slowly awaken with cuddling and cartoons. Sometimes it is Sofia the First, others it is Cat in the Hat, but this day it was Wally Kazaam.

As most of you know, in kid shows they ask a question that has a "duh" answer......well this particular day - KJ wasn't having it.

Wally asked, "Which word starts with the "g" sound?"

KJ said, "Ugh, Wally, don't you know?!" (in the snottiest and most disgusted way possible.)

Halsy and I died laughing!! She is so funny.