Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Little Lando - 13 1/2 months

Landon is changing every day and I need to write it down so I remember!

He really wants to talk! This little guy is saying: EYES, SHOES, HI, DAD, NOSE, UH OH, DOGGIE, BOTTLE, MAMA, GO, BUBBA (brother) & THANK YOU.  We LOVE hearing his little voice. He is so excited about it.

He is still a great sleeper, sleeps all through the night - very rarely waking up in the middle. We are very happy about that. Every other night or so he gets his leg stuck in between the bars of his crib and he needs a rescue. Last night he got his arm stuck - I'd never seen that before. Sweetest baby, he always goes back to sleep after the trauma :)

He loves his family! He finds everyone and gives them smiles and a "Hi" complete with hugs. He is so sweet.

He loves to eat and definitely knows when he is full. He throws everything on the floor when he is finished and if I don't catch him in time he makes a monumental mess! His favorite things are: milk, string cheese, cottage cheese, pickles, grapes, sausage, and yes of course sweets!

He Loves to wear shoes! He brings shoes of all sizes to us to help him put them on. He likes to always have on his shoes. He is either wearing his crocs or his Robeez. I think it is his form of freedom. I love hearing his little mouth say "Sheeeewz" (shoes) and watch him get so excited when he can tell I a going to put them on his feet!

He still loves his binky and his bottle and I am starting to think about bottle weaning, but not the binky yet. He really loves it!

He likes to dance. I was cooking dinner last night and was getting bored with a song so I walked around the counter to change it and Landon was standing by the computer dancing!! I quietly backed away and watched his little diaper bum bounce!

He is getting so good at walking! He still walks like a drunken orangutan, but walking nonetheless. He wants to move faster and leans forward......it looks like he is trying to run. He is als my best climber yet. I find him on tables, in high chairs, on shelves, anywhere. This kid loves to get higher!!

He LOVES to be outside. If the door opens he is outta here! He loves to go for walks now and would be outside all day if we let him.

He "polar bears" down the stairs. He is getting so fast!!