Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wally Kazaam, you moron!

Every morning the kids climb into our bed after they wake up and we all slowly awaken with cuddling and cartoons. Sometimes it is Sofia the First, others it is Cat in the Hat, but this day it was Wally Kazaam.

As most of you know, in kid shows they ask a question that has a "duh" answer......well this particular day - KJ wasn't having it.

Wally asked, "Which word starts with the "g" sound?"

KJ said, "Ugh, Wally, don't you know?!" (in the snottiest and most disgusted way possible.)

Halsy and I died laughing!! She is so funny.

Monday, October 27, 2014

"I'm Smart!"

If you tell Landon to say, "I'm Smart", he will replay with, "I'm a fart".

Then I added, "I'm a smart boy", to which he replies "I'm a fart boy".

Its so funny and awesome.

Primary Program 2014


Now that I've let that out......the primary program this year was a hit! The songs went so well and the kids were awesome. KJ sang her song beautifully and Cameron gave his poem with confidence and they both looked so darn cute up there!! I feel like doing a dance because I am no longer stressing and preparing for the program, but we are on to our Christmas song and then the songs for 2015....it never ends :)

KJ asked if I would straighten her hair and do her makeup just for the occasion - how could I say no? Cameron let me blow dry his blonde locks and he looks so handsome. Landon was such a good boy through the entire thing! All of my siblings came and it made me so happy to have them there to experience my hard work paying off together!!

This is KJ's verse

This is Piper's verse

and...the end of the song

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Green Lightening Bolts!!

Cameron's team had their last game this morning!! They finished the season with a WIN! He had a great season and really improved as a player. He became more aggressive and gained more ball control - most especially under pressure! He had a great group of boys and we had lots of fun!

At the team meeting for the end of season party Coach said....

Here is Cam's goal from todays game!! Ignore my raspy voice - I wasted it cheering for my brother John on Thursday :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Landon - my sweet baby

When Landon wakes up from his nap he calls for me.

"Mommy, where are you?" 

If he can't find his binky: "Binky! Can't find it!!" Over and over until we come help him find it.

His little voice and how he pronounces the words is precious. I know it will be gone all too soon and I don't want to forget.

Katey Jane quote

KJ: (talking to me) When I'm a mom, I'm going to give my kids any kind of treat they want on any day.

Me: I bet that's true girl.

Cam: (chiming in) KJ, but what if the dentist says you can't have candy?

KJ: I just won't go

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cameron the Ninja

This kid has hops!! The bench is taller than his hips - this would be like me jumping with both feet onto my counter - CRAZY!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's Alive!!

I've decided to return from the dead!! I can't stand it anymore. As much as I have adored being off the grid.......I have missed blogging so many fun things! I know I'm going to forget them and I've already forgotten so many, so I'm back to make sure that won't happen!

     We had one AMAZING summer. We loved the weather and went all over the place on adventures. We went camping, we went to the beach, we spent hours outside swimming and riding bikes, we went hiking and exploring, we rode mules and rangers until dark too. We ate millions of blackberries and made pies, crumbles, tarts, etc. We loved the Fair and all the fair FOOD. Visits to Eugene and playing with cousins! We had air conditioning which saved our bacon because is got really really hot this year. We had 2 new babies in our family - Jesop and Chloe - we are in heaven with these sweet babies around. The kids took swimming lessons and rocked it!! Cameron can swim across the pool and KJ is lessening her fear of getting in the water! Landon turned 2 this summer and boy do we know it!! Halsy and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary in style - we got to spend the weekend at the beach! Halsy is still doing well at his job and I am enjoying this phase of motherhood (aka: no newborns!! even though I really want to be pregnant right now) but for now I sleep through the night and I only have one in diapers. Life is good.

  Fall has begun and the craziness with it! My calendar is full and keeps filling up! Dance class, soccer team, home school group, preschool, kid trades with friends, babysitting for nieces and nephews.....etc.etc.etc. WHEW is it nuts around here!! I do enjoy the beautiful fall weather and the fact that all the other kids are back in school because the world is our oyster again. We go to the zoo, the museum, the pool and its empty! We are loving that the apple farm is open and we go every week!! Here is to hoping that more memories end up here so we can read them forever!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We're not dead :)

I'll be posting soon - I'm just not feelin' it these days.

The Carters

Monday, March 31, 2014

Our new House

We moved to a Townhome in Hillsboro, OR. We are close to Witch Hazel Elementary School and the Dairy Queen on TV Highway.

This is the dining room/office on the main floor
  The kitchen

 Living Room

Boys room - which teeters back and forth between ALL the kids room and BOYS room.

Katey Jane's room/Play Room

Kids Bathroom

Yep, thats my van in a garage - I'm in Heaven!!

Here is the front - I will take a new picture soon - its been painted and now looks nice :)

Come over anytime! I miss having people around.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I am grateful for my testimony

My cousin died yesterday.

  Justin had been addicted to heroin, among other things, for many years. He was 27 years old and because of his childhood and addictions had never experienced a happy peaceful existence. He had been to jail multiple times and each time relapsed and returned. 

  The most recent time, my parents offered him a place to stay in our home. Justin lived with us for 2 1/2 months and we watched him transform into an amazing human being. We discovered his kindhearted nature, his humor, and his passion for life. My children adored him, especially Landon, and enjoyed having him around. He held a job, made good friends, and was working toward his goal of getting his drivers license. 

  3 weeks ago he and I both moved out of my parents home. He found a great friend and roommate that was a positive influence and we were all hopeful and excited for his future. He came to our Sunday dinner and we all saw him at different times during the week, some of us the same day that he passed away.

  Our beautiful Justin succumbed to addiction and died of an overdose in his home some time Friday night. We all feel like we could have done more and wish we'd have known or seen what was to come.

  I am so grateful for my knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know Justin is happy and that he is finally free from his mortal stress. I know that I will get to see him again and tell him I love him. I know he will be given the chance to fix his choices that were made on earth and that Heavenly Father is there with him.

  I love you Justin and I'm sorry that I was unable to help you and know your grief and pain. I will see you again. 

  We miss you, Landon the most. We think you are amazing.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

February 2014 - catch-up

Delicious PKM angus steak for breakfast....yumm

It was the day of Katey Jane's Tea Party and we were all excited!

Having our tea and fruit and cakes :)

Then we did our makeup....

and our nails, of course.....

Then we had a photo shoot to show off how lovely we are!!

Then we danced and played until it was time to go home.....

We got some snow!! The kids were so excited......except Landon, he didn't really like it.

Lots more playing in the snow!! I stayed in with Landon and made everyone hot chocolate when they came in frozen to the bone. They had so much fun and stayed out for a really long time. They made 2 large snowmen and attempted an igloo (much harder than they'd anticipated).

Cameron makes the oddest faces. I find my camera on my phone full of these selfies.....
Landon got sick and boy does that kid like to cuddle when he doesn't feel well. We had many blanket days that week.

Any excuse to bust out the tea set is used. Today she just had a tea party all by her lonesome......she loved it!

Crazy Cam

Having lunch at our Home School group. We love it!

My new do......thanks sister. (Heather Whittaker @ Fancy Salon, if you're interested) She is AWESOME

I went to a Mom's Meeting for the Home School group and as usual, I was the only one who brought diet soda, oh well, gotta be me :)

I love her outfit.......her little legs are EDIBLE!

I've been packing and packing and packing........and PACKING. It's crazy how much stuff we've accumulated. Our house looks so weird.

My happy boy - he loves to be outside. 

This tubby is getting full!

Fun Extras:

We LOVE The Muppet Movie (with Amy Adams) and KJ and Cam can quote almost the entire thing. Landon has picked up on it and started singing one of the songs......

Here is the movie version - in case you have no reference :)


We took the kids to Big Als for a Birthday party and they each got $5.00 to spend in the arcade......this Ski Ball game was the best .50 of the entire time. I only caught the end of the game, but I think you'll get an idea of how long I was standing there......:)