Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Saturday, July 28, 2012

36 Weeks (17 days and counting)

I am giving in and am posting a picture of myself pregnant - not my favorite, but it's history!

I am feeling pretty good still - just very "filled to capacity"! He still moves, but it is different, I can tell he is running out of room in there. He pushes more instead of little jabs and kicks. My feet have started to swell, but not too badly. My body is happy and so is he. I went to the OB yesterday and he passed all his tests again - which is always reassuring. My blood sugars have been high this past week so they readjusted my medication and I am hopeful that helps.

Last week I tried to stop taking my anti-depressants, just to see if I didn't need them anymore. Let me tell you - I DO. It took two days of no medicine and I was off my rocker. Lots of crying, lots of anger, and I felt very out of control. My mom and sisters were so nice to let me get two days off meds because they knew I was trying so hard to not have Landon with the drugs in my body - but I was also glad they were there to tell me - Brooke, it's not worth it, take the pills! :) After a day back on my medication I am back to myself and it feel lovely. I am very thankful for my little blue pills.

17 days and counting!!

Washington County Fair 2012

We spent the day at the Washington County Fair yesterday and had a ball!! I think these faces sum it all up:

They saw animals - ate yummy food - ran around like crazies - and loved every minute!

The boys found a "Fun House" Mirror and they couldn't stop laughing!! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pregnancy Mini Update (35 1/2 Weeks)

I went to go see Dr. Hoffman again after a month and a half of seeing the perinatologist. I had been seeing them because of my blood sugars, but now that my status is "under control". I get to go back to dr. Hoffman. It was so nice to see him again and I remembered how much I liked him. I will have two doctors for this baby because of the Gestational Diabetes and I like them both so I cannot complain!

He checked my cervix today and I am 1 cm dilated and 40% effaced. A pretty good start for 32 days left to the due date. They are definitely planning to induce me at 39 weeks so that means my due date moves from August 20th to around August 13th.

25 DAYS thats it!!! 3 1/2 weeks - I am getting so excited I can't take it!!

We put together little Landon's bed today and it feels like he is moving in. I Love it. I love smelling the baby blankets and making everything feel soft and warm.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Pregnancy Update (35 Weeks)

Went to go see my doctor today and everything looks dandy. He is happy and healthy in my tummy. They measured his size today: he is currently around 6 lbs 6 oz (rough estimate). Which is already larger than Cameron's birth weight (6lbs 3oz) and almost as large as Katey Jane's (6lbs 9 oz). It was expected for him to be larger than my previous babies because of the Gestational Diabetes. But I am happy to report that all my numbers are "in control". YAY!! My insulin levels and diet changes have gotten my blood sugar completely NORMAL. So the doctor thinks that he won't get bigger than 8 lbs. I can handle that.

I am feeling great - just completely uncomfortable :) Landon is always moving and the bigger he gets, the more those rolls and kicks hurt. I am constantly having to run to the bathroom with emergency #1 and probably pee my pants at least 4 times a week. Sleeping is getting pretty funny. I grunt and groan like an old man trying to find a comfortable position and then when I finally do - I am panting from exhaustion. So sexy I know.

I started my weekly appointments today and I cannot believe how close I am. They are planning to induce me a week early......so that means only 4 weeks left!! I was doing my insulin yesterday and held up the bottle and thought to myself  "What would be the most fun way to destroy these bottles and needles?" Bonfire? Stomping? It reminded me of that scene in Office Space when they take the fax machine out into the field and take bats to it. I am so doing this in 4 weeks!!

(Ahhhhhhh I totally didn't know there were so many swear words in the music - when you watch this just press mute. )

This has by far been my most sickly, emotional, crazy, complicated pregnancy, but its almost through and I can't wait to meet Mister Landon soon!!

Exciting Things

I can't believe that Halsy graduates in 5 months!! We will no longer be in school - that is such a crazy thought since we have been in school our entire married life (7 years this month)!

He has worked so hard and has done very very well. He gets good grades and his teachers love him. He is currently in his last term of classes......then he moves to a preceptorship (internship). He found a doctor in Wilsonville that liked his style and agreed to take him on. Unfortunately it is an unpaid internship - but the learning is well worth it. We are both so excited to be almost there. Excited and also terrified. It is going to be a crazy ride. We are hoping the internship turns into a job offer. Wilsonville is close enough for me to live and we can still see both our families!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pregnancy Update (34 Weeks)

Let me start with the positive.

Baby Boy is happy and healthy in my tummy. He is always moving and gets very excited every time I eat. I love feeling his movements and imagining what he'll look like. I am getting very excited to meet this little thing growing in my belly. I can't wait to see tiny diapers and boy blankets fill my house again. My body feels great, just tired. My feet have started to swell a little, but not badly and hopefully they won't get worse! He moves so much that even Cam and KJ have seen my belly move and felt his punches and kicks. It is very fun to see their happy faces when they notice my tummy move. I really am grateful for my doctors. They have been taking excellent care of me and little mister. They answer my millions of questions and do their best to keep my spirits lifted though this lovely ordeal.

Now onto the not so fun stuff:

 My Gestational Diabetes was not improved with diet change and adding exercise (which means that this change is most likely hormonal and will go away as soon as little man arrives YAHOO!) They gave me glucose medication in pill form (glyburide) to try and get my numbers under control. Just for your information, here are the normal ranges of blood glucose levels for  pregnant women:

Fasting (first thing in the morning): 70-95mg
After Meals (2 hours):  70-120mg

So far, my fasting numbers have never been in the normal range. My meal numbers were about 50/50. The glyburide helped my afternoon numbers, but not the morning. Also, they were not very compatible with my system because they would send me into hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). It was very scary for me. I had never felt that way before. Very dizzy, sweaty, weak, super hot, and my mind was fuzzy. The first one hit me while I was shopping with the kids ALONE at Target. Luckily I recognized it and tested myself to discover I was at 55 (very low for me) and I was by the soda refrigerators. I grabbed a cherry coke and went to sit in the toy isle with the kids until I felt better. It took a few minutes, but it happened. I stopped shaking and stopped sweating. I called my doctor and she told me I did the right thing and that I needed to eat immediately. I wasn't prepared for lows in my blood sugar, so I headed to Subway next door. I felt better, but was really shaken by the whole thing. I had a few more experiences like this and the doctors decided that we needed to switch to real insulin (the kind you inject!). I was super nervous.

The first time I had to inject myself took about 10 minutes. I sat in the chair in the kitchen sweating and chickening out a million times. Finally I had Halsy do it for me so I could feel what it felt like. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be......still sucks, but not that bad. I was able to do it myself the next morning. Insulin definitely agrees with my body more. My after meal numbers are just perfect, but they are still tweaking the meds to fix my fasting numbers.

I feel like all I am doing these days is going to the doctor. I know it is good for me to go and be checked on, but it is frustrating to have to so closely monitored all the time. I should stop whining.......at least there is a solution to my problem and my baby is healthy and safe.

6 weeks and counting..........oh and one more piece of good news! I will probably get induced a week early if I am dilated so that baby comes out and can get himself off of my blood sugar levels! If that is the case, it is more like 5 weeks and counting......I can do this!