Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Monday, February 28, 2011

Toy Story 1, 2, 3, FOREVER

We live in Toy Story Land. We watch one of the three Toy Story movies EVERY day. Currently Toy Story 2 is Cameron's favorite. He LOVES Buzz the most. He has Toy Story shirts, toys, pajamas, coloring pages, etc. I never thought I'd be that mom that had her kid go in public in light-up Buzz Lightyear sneakers......but I tell you what, if Cameron saw them and loved them - we'd get em'. I think it is adorable how much he loves Toy Story. He sleeps with Buzz and Woody, he quotes the movies, and talks about what Woody or Buzz would do if they were here.

I Love it!

Yet another Motherhood "I'd Never" checked off the list - and I couldn't be any happier about this one!

Cameron earned a big Buzz Lightyear for staying in his bed at Night Time - this is when he got it!!

It made it all worth it when he took off across the house saying "To infinity and Beyond"!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Biggest Girl

Miss Katey Jane got her first tooth!!  Daddy discovered it before anyone else!! Its on the bottom and somehow it makes her seem so much more adorable!! It makes a little nervous for nursing......but I haven't noticed yet and hopefully I won't :)

She also is getting her transitions from standing to crawling down!  She gets braver every day with walking, standing, climbing, and crawling!

We sure have a big girl on our hands!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stinker Pants Cameron

We have been working on bedtime for the past month with Cameron. He has a tendency to get out of bed and stay up way too late! He also is very good at causing mischeif in our house when we aren't paying attention.

Bedtime Story #1:

Cameron got put in bed and we went downstairs to wait for him to go to sleep so we could go out for some frozen yogurt. He had a hard time staying in bed - so much that I had to sit in the bonus room and tell him to get back into bed every time he escaped. Finally he stayed in bed long enough that I thought he was asleep and it wasn't worth it to check so I went with it and off we drove. He had fooled me!! We came home to the biggest mess!!! I had been folding laundry for 2 days and all my efforts were pristenely piled on the couch when we left. Not anymore - the floor was a patchwork of clothes. I could've murdered him! He was sound asleep in his bed and I got the lovely job of re-folding all my clothes the next day.

Naptime Story #1:

I put him in his bed and went downstairs with KJ. I came back up after 1/2 hour to put KJ down for her nap and to my surprise he was standing at the computer desk covered in white paste!! It was Halsy's very spendy Eucerine Lotion. He had used almost all of it!! It was all over his face, the keyboard, the chair, the desk, my calendar.....EVERYTHING! Ooooooweeee was he in trouble! My space bar is still dysfuntional. He sat in his bed and watched me clean it up all the while cursing his name and reiterating "NO" "We don't play with lotion" "NO!!"

This was the only crime I was able to catch on film.

Bedtime Story #2:

Early that morning Jackson brought a huge bag of skittles upstairs from his room and ripped the bag open - spilling skittles EVERYwhere , then proceeded to stuff as many of them into his mouth as he could before Halsy stopped him. For the rest of the day Cameron was getting a couple here and there. At nap time he pulled the whole bag down and was chowing down before I caught him and put them up high on the computer desk (thinking that there was no way he could get them). That night I put him into bed and went downstairs. He went to sleep without a peep - or so I thought. When I went to bed around 11 I checked on him and he was sprawled out across the bag and pile of skittles in his bed. He had climbed onto the computer chair, onto the computer desk, reached up to the printer and all so silently crept back to bed to munch on his spoils!! What a Little Turd.

Naptime Story #2:

 I put him in his bed for nap time and he was quiet for about 10 minutes when he started asking me for milk. He never takes milk with him to bed - so it was an odd request. I went up there because he wouldn't stop crying about it only to find an entire box of TagaLongs (girl scout cookie) open in his bed. No wonder he wanted milk. I asked him where he got it and he replied "Jena's room". Holy Moly - I need an exit alarm for our staircase!! I took the cookies and gave him a drink of water - finally he went to sleep.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not your Sweetheart.....

Cameron was pretending to be Katey Jane and crawling across the floor, then he wanted to pretend to be Daddy. We put on Halsy's school badge and he was walking/talking like a daddy when he stopped and said, "But Mommy, I'm not your Sweetheart!"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My little Fashionista!

Miss Katey Jane is the CUTEST little girl in the world! I love getting her all dolled up to go out. We get stares, points, oohs and ahhhs everywhere and I must admit I am in pure heaven.   I mean....just look at her!

Wrestling Season

My little brother John is a Wrestler for Hillsboro High School (Woot Woot - Go Sparts!!) He has a coach that comes to work him out during the week in the gym and thursday the little boys joined in!! It was so cute to see Cameron's little body mingled with the big men!! He kept up with them too.....running, forward rolls, pushups, side gallops, sit ups.....you name it and Cameron was game!! He even copied Cubby when he was taking a break....loved it!!  I had a blast watching my little man!

When naps are missed.....

Oh Cameron boy......you are the cutest thing. When you don't take a nap on time this is what happens at about 4pm
You fall asleep - DEAD asleep. We had to go out in the gym and run around to keep you from staying asleep!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Marissa Days are such Happy Days......

I have been lucky enough to be able to help out a dear friend of mine every monday. I take her shopping, to activities, or we just hang out around the house. I LOVE it! this was one particular trip to Target - we had to get a picture of how ridiculous we must have looked with all our kids on one cart :

We sure had fun. The kids lovehanging out in the back seat and I LOVE driving a minivan around town!! I sure enjoy my Marissa Mondays!

Buzz LightYear and the Rose Bush

Cameron alwasy takes FOREVER to come in from the car because he stops to look at every bug, twig, or leaf on the way. This particular time he was flying like buuzz Lightyear shouting "To Infinity and Beyond" I was way ahead of him with my arms full of groceries when I heard him cry - REALLY cry. i dropped everything and turned around to see him holding his face sitting on the step in front of the Rose bushes. He had Flown right into the bush FACE FIRST. Poor little guy! I carried him into the house and tried to get him to let me fix his youches.

He wouldn't let me put bandaids (even thought I have Buzz Lightyear and Woody Band aids) so this was my great Idea to get Neosporin on and not get Neosporin on the couch/bed, etc. I think it was pretty ingenious:

It definately looks much worse than it was, but still the cuts are pretty big, but now a few days have gone by and they look better already!!

Poor Little Buzz