Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We're Moving

We are so excited - WE GET TO MOVE!! Halsy's job is so wonderful that he is now bringing home enough bacon for us to get our own place! We looked all over, but decided on a town home in Hillsboro. We are staying in our ward and we are living close to family and friends. We couldn't be happier. I am sad some days when I think about my Mom not always being there, but I know we'll hang out a lot.
  Packing has been insane. Firstly, we have had to buy so many things that we haven't accumulated over the years because we've been living at my parent's house. Stuff like a hair dryer, cleaning products, spices, mixing bowls, etc. So crazy. Secondly, digging ourselves out of this 7 year place we've made has been really hard. We have more stuff than I think and so much of it is integrated into my family's things.
  The countdown is set at 10 days and counting until we get the keys to our new place!!

We'll invite you over to see it as soon as we get settled!!

Another catch-up!! November & December

I've been technologically silent for quite some time now and I need to get back in the game! I wanted to throw some pictures up to cover the last few months.

Landon figured out Paisley was quite the work horse and exploited it!

Landon tuckered himself out and KJ with her eternal love, Nutella


This happened while I was in Winco - Boooooo                                            
Wedding prep for my brother's wedding.

A new Do for Mommy!

Thanksgiving in Eugene!

Halsy got to go to a Seahawks Game - he had a blast!

Christmas Nativity play

Cameron's school Nativity play

We went dancing for Ashley's bachelorette party and had so much fun - Mom turned out to be the Belle of the Ball. She never left the dance floor :)

Hunting for a Christmas tree became quite the adventure this year. We went way up into the mountains and were so cold we pretty much picked the first tree we found :) The kids had fun in the snow!

You'd never know it, but these three innocent looking faces just caused me the most embarrassment I've ever experienced in a store. It was awful and I wanted to murder them, but instead I got Subway and glared at them.

Kendra and her boys came over for a Polar Express Party - so fun!!

Gingerbread Houses

This was us stuck in the bathroom of a McDonalds on Powell Blvd. Cameron came down with a horrible stomach ache and couldn't recover. So while he parked it on the toilet for 30 MINUTES we sat on the floor of the bathroom and played on my phone. I was going crazy.

He recovered and we got his hair cut by my lovely sister.

Christmas Morning!!

Hanging out in Eugene after Christmas.

Just some cute kids :)