Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kids Update

He is loving preschool and is learning so much!! I love asking about what he learned that day because I get story after story. Also through the week as his brain remembers, we get to learn even more!! He really likes his primary teachers at church and he is so much better in Singing time/sharing Time. When he was a Sunbeam, he couldn't leave me alone (I am the Chorister)!! Now that he is a big boy and sits on the second row - I get a wave and a "Hi Mommy" and then he hangs out for the rest of the time. It is so lovely. He is really into drawing lately and is getting pretty good at it. His drawings are looking more and more realistic so we can actually tell what he is drawing without any clues! He loves to make pictures for other people or for wall art. He also writes notes. He asks me to spell these major long sentences and he rocks at it! I tell him "finger space" "next line" and "period" to space the sentence and he knows how to do it all! I love watching him work on his writing. How he holds his pencil, the concentration on his face, and how proud he is when its done. He is starting to like boy things like Power Rangers, Spiderman, etc. It is so cute to watch him grow up. He is still my most helpful little guy! He can find anything anywhere. I am so grateful for my Cameron boy!

Katey Jane:
KJ is getting older and smarter and sassier every day! She loves girly things as always and she is such a good big sister to Landon. I call her my "Baby Alarm". If Landon is crying she yells through the house until I come to help. She loves to read books. She would sit on my lap and read book after book until we both fell asleep. She loves coloring and drawing. She can already draw a face and people - and you can actually tell what it is!! She loves to go to preschool with Cameron (I teach as part of a co-op and so she participated when it was at our house) she can't do everything the older kids can, but she sure tries! She is so sweet and cuddly. KJ is intoxicating - her eyes, her skin, her hair, and her little nose. We can't get enough of her. Getting her dressed is still a highlight of my day. She is talking with longer sentences and is using such big girl words. I LOVE it. The other day she came to me and said "Mommy, I have a problem. come here, I show you" I died. She is just so articulate for such a small little thing. We love our Katey Jane.

Landon is just so much fun! He is so happy and sweet. He give the best kisses - especially to his momma! He sleeps really well and is getting bigger every day. He is already wearing 12 month pajamas! He is starting to watch me as I eat - following each bite of food as I bring it towards my mouth. He will be eating some foods pretty soon :) and grabbing my plate at the dinner table! He is working hard on grabbing toys and rolling over. He really hates to lay down and much prefers standing or sitting - especially in his bumbo. He loves to laugh and is just so wonderful. He loves his baths and he loves to be talked to. He doesn't care too much for singing (which is odd for me - the other 2 loved singing). He is so loved by his big brother, sister, cousins, aunties, etc and he takes it all in stride. He is just chill - so lovely. Landon is also a champion eater! He takes breast milk and he takes formula from a bottle because I don't have enough for this little big guy!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Gonna walk my wiggles out

The winter wiggles hit hard today and even I wanted to get out into the cold for a walk!! We bundled up and headed out.
 Trampoline time!
 Ice Fishing
 Rock Throwing

 Can't forget puddles
 More puddles - in case we weren't wet enough

and then a bath to warm ourselves back up!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cameron still needs a nap

he just won't admit it ;)

Scaredy Cat Proof

Oh my sweet Katey Jane.

Good Morning Handsome

Halsy spent the week in Eugene working for his dad, which left me sleeping alone :(

He can't object that I replaced him with such a handsme fellow can he?

~ What a Hunk ~

Thursday, January 10, 2013


The flu has hit our house. I don't know where it came from and who gave it to us, but it started with me Sunday night. I was better by Tuesday and we thought we were in the clear because I was a germ nazi and kept all kiddos away from me. However, driving Cameron to preschool this morning Katey Jane so lovingly exploded her breakfast all over herself and the car seat, and the van!! I was hopeful and thought she might have gotten car sick..........

Not to be.

After dropping off Cameron we raced to make a return and get diapers (we had zero left at home), then on our way back she let loose again in the car. Another outfit and car seat down. CRAP. Landon was screaming - I do mean screaming - like he was being bitten. He was hungry and she puked right as I had pulled over to do a quickie nurse. Oh man, the poor little guy was so angry when we got home he could barely drink his bottle. My van is sitting in the garage waiting for me to go and clean it........and i am sitting here blogging about my hellish morning.

Halsy and Cameron and Landon are unaffected - so they will be spending their time downstairs, while I get the lovely job of caring for the sick 2 year old upstairs. Hopefully it will not spread further, but I am not hopeful. Luckily it is only a 24 hour bug........and we hope we don't have to make any scary trips to the doctor.

I am saying lots of prayers and trying not to scream.

**Post Edit: Almost EVERYONE got the flu. It was fast and violent and very few were left unscathed. Landon, Grandpa, GG, Austin, and Jena were the only people to NOT get the flu. Lucky ducks!!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Landon the Great

My dad did this trick with me when I was a little girl and Halsy has done it with all our kids so far. Here is Landon's first balancing act!!

A Little James Brown Action for ya......