Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cameron read to me at bedtime!

I was in pure heaven last night at bed time! Cameron wanted to read to ME!! Granted - it is mostly rambling on about the pictures and things he can remember, but I didn't care at all! He was so adorable and I was amazed at how much he remembers from reading every night at bed time. I was loving sitting so close with him and stroking his little head and arms while he read to me. After a few books he would go to the shelf and grab a few more - I think we sat there for 30 minutes just cuddling and reading. I loved it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nothing too special....

I haven't posted in a while.....we have been having lots of fun! Walks outside in the sunshine, trampoline marathons, movie watching, family pictures, and so much more.

Katey Jane is sitting up so well! She hardly falls over, but when she does is it epic - gravity takes quite a hold on her sweet cheeks. She is also eating baby food - she likes the veggies most of all, but not the green ones. She is a squash/carrot/sweet potato girl. She even likes them more than bananas!! CRAZY. She is fascinated with her tongue - it is always out! She puts everything in her mouth and she is getting more and more fun each day. She melts everyone she sees and it is fun that I have a "sharable baby". I am still in heaven dressing her each and every day. I recently found a lady who makes hair bows and hats for little girls - EDIBLE. I ordered $30.00 worth of stuff and I know I will order more! Katey Jane wore one of the hats in our family pictures and she looked ADORABLE!

Cameron is talking and learning like a freight train. He is always asking "why" or "how" and it drives me crazy sometimes - most times it is because I run out of answers for his little brain. He is a fast little runner and great jumper - he can do lots of tricks too (somersault, jumps, splits, seat drops). Aunt Jena says he should be a gymnast cuz of his mad skillz! He remains the sweetest boy on earth with his kissable red lips and mezmerizing blue eyes! He has begun to sleep in his own bed at nap time and bed time - and he has stayed in his own bed until 6am for 4 nights in a row now!! He is also potty training and doing quite well. We have had a few accidents and thrown away three pairs of poopied on underpants - but all in all he is getting the idea! He gives me lots of reasons to be proud of him and I am in love with my little guy!

Halsy is still trudging though school and doing pretty well. He is getting good grades and working really hard. He has even brought home some "A"s on his tests lately - which make me very happy! He is enjoying the adjusting classes most of all and the family is also enjoing them, seeing as we get to be the benefactors of his newly attained chiro skills! Our backs and necks have never felt better!

I am enjoying mommytown and working on the side as much as my sanity will allow! I am enjoying going into the office one day a week and this last week was able to clean houses for some extra $$. I am getting very excited for the holiday season coming up and I LOVE that the weather changed and fall is here!! I love wearing sweaters and boots to church! We had our family pictures done last week and they turned out amazingly beautiful! I love them!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

6 Month Check Up - Miss Katey Jane

Miss Katey Jane Carter

Current Weight: 14 lbs 15.5 oz (25th)
Current Height: 26 5/8" (75th)
Current Head Size: 17" (75th)

Growing like a weed and such a happy girl!

Katey Jane's Fact Sheet:

* You are sitting up in your boppy and putting everything in your mouth!
* You love your blankie and binkie - you sleep with it every night and if you are sleepy, all you need is to
   feel your blankie on your little face and you are off to dreamland. (Thanks Sarah!)
* You are grabbing at or touching anything in your reach
* You love to watch people - you stare at us with your big blue eyes and we all melt
* You are a roller - no more playing on your back! As soon as we put you on the floor you pop over to  
   your tummy and put your head up high so you can see whats going on!
* You are the swetest baby girl! Lots of kisses and snuggles - we are very spoiled.
* You have stopped crying in the car!! We have our peaceful girl back!
* You are an excellent sleeper - 9pm to 5am (feed) then 6am to 7:30am 9 1/2 hours!! Mommy likes that!
* You also put yourself to sleep most of the time. I will lay you down so I can do something and I will
   come back to find you asleep with your blankie.
* You are a good little eater - mothers milk never goes to waste and you have the thighs to prove it!
* We adore your chubby cheeked grin and irresistable giggle!
* You make your mommy very happy
* You make spitting (farting) noises all the time - I think it tickles your lips because you really like it!
* You ADORE your big brother - every time he walk by or comes to say hello - you smile and laugh at
   him. He can really get you to laugh the hardest by jumping up and down.
* You are a mini-model. Everywhere we go people stop me to tell me how beautiful you are.
* You love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Baby Einstein Videos.
* You love to go for walks in the stroller and have your big brother push you!

We absolutely LOVE you Miss Katey Jane. You are a blessing to our family and we don't know what we would do without your sweet face!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No more bottles!

Cameron LOVES his bottles, but his pee pee escapades at night time are ridiculous....and he "needs" it to go to sleep and it just seemed like too much dependency. So I thought I'd bring it up and see how he took it. At first he said, "No", and then when I retorted with "but buddy, only babies have bottles", he said "Mommy, I'm a baby" with a sheepish grin! It was so adorable...... I waited another day to do it!

2 days ago we put all his bottles in a bag and put them into the garbage (he did it himself) and so far he has been a champ. He cried a little bit - nap time on day one was the hardest, but he is amazing me with how well he is doing!

It is sad a little too, sort of like how I felt when he stopped nursing. My little boy is disappearing and being replaced with a handsome little man.