Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Friday, August 30, 2013

Better late than never!

My cousin Tiffany is an amazing videographer (sp?)! She gave me the gift of a video for Landon's Birth when he was born. I just got it yesterday and I'm in love.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

July 2013

Austin and JEna took the kids outside to make a good old fashioned slip n' slide! Cameron was the only kid brave enough to really give it a go. Jackson made a valiant effort though!

4th of July Parade was fun - the kids are really diggin' the candy throwing thing.

Then we went to my Uncle Morgan and Aunt Jane's house fora awimming and BBQ party!

Loved the fireworks at home!

Katey JAne and I had a girls shopping day. She, GG, and I went with my other sisters and shopped till' we dropped.


July brought us sunshine and with that we made our first trip to the Wilsonville water pad! We LOVE that place and Landon fell in love too. He didn't want to get out of the water.

My back gave me a lot of trouble in June/July/August. This trip I was off to the chiropractor for a massage and adjustment. Best part? - no kids in the back seat of my van. I had the windows down, music on as loud as I wanted, and I had some alone time! It was awesome.

We went to pick fresh blueberries - the kids love em'

While we were picking berries - Landon busted out his first "Thank you"
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We went to our first Ward Campout, we loved it. I wish it had been for more than one night for all the packing we had to do, but we had fun. This is our van as packed as it could be. Even KJ's feet were crowded by our firewood.

This was the morning of the campout - it was SO COLD!! We FROZE. of course Landon woke up super early and we ran out of firewood because it was so cold. So......I heated up the van and we watched hercules until the sun came out over the mountains.

We had lots of fun playing on the beach. The weather was ok for the Oregon Coast. Cameron had fun riding his bike with his friends and we had a big smore campfire on the beach.
My friend took this awesome picture - Thanks Danielle!

 Lunch before we headed home!

LAndon was at Megan's house being babysat and she set him on the chair while she vacuumed. When she turned around she found him like this - dead asleep :)

We had a big play date with friends and Katey Jane helped make this setting for a tea party for the girls! I love that she is into girly things with me!!

Katey Jane's art has stepped up another level. She draws people now and they really look like people! You can see eyes, a nose, hair, a mouth, they even get arms, legs, and a body lately too!

Can't miss the Washington County Fair! Its a tradition! We had fun, the weather wasn't too hot and the food was sooooo yummy! The kids had a blast looking at the animals and playing in all the booths.

Sweet little Lando

They LOVED the corn bin and were very sad to leave

I love his chubby little foot perched on the side trying to get in!

Our resident Ninja-power ranger-samurai-good guy super hero. He got this cool spin sword as a reward for having NO CAVITIES!! Poor Cameron got his Mommy's teeth and really struggles keeping those sugar bugs away! We've been working hard on it and it definitely deserved a reward!

Happy 4th Birthday Finny B! Megan's oldest turned 4 and we celebrated with a lunch at Mc D's

The beginning of blackberry season! Yumm.   This was Landon's first taste and he never stopped!

Cameron is an expert berry picker. He can spot the sweetest ones and he is brave enough to get poked a few times to get just the right berry :)

I love dirty food drippy, unclothed, summer babies! This is a combination of dirt (from driveway construction), golden plums, and blackberries!!

Lyls'a is ALL blackberries

Cameron LOVES Norman. He is too big for Cameron to pick up now :)

Landon can now go up and down the stairs!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

June 2013

Flyering for Halsy's job

 Cameron gets to go to work with my dad and he loves it!!
 KJ and her cousin Daphne! (I think they're actually 2nd cousins, but whatever) Daphne's Daddy is my favorite cousin from when we were kids. I hope these girls have as much fun as we did!
 Summertime we spend a lot of time on the Mule/Ranger/4 wheeler. The kids love to go for rides! It is also a nice way to head over to the Becker Estate from our house :)
 Megan's cat had kittens!! KJ asked every day to go and love on them!
 Our neighbor is a horse boarder and he is so nice to let us come and say hi whenever we want!
 Landon and his bear crawl.
 Oh this kid makes me so happy

 We LOVE to go to the zoo!
 More kitty love

 An evening at the park with my family.

 KJ ended up having to get her teeth pulled (the teeth she bonked in her barstool accident). She was a champ. Slept through it all.

All dressed for her first dance class!
 Oh this little thing! Her legs, her buns, her cute little tummy! I can't take it!

 We LOVE Outdoors In! 

The latest Ranger crash - thanks Dad. Luckily everyone was ok and we laughed until we peed our pants!

I am really loving this "knowing-how-to-sew" thing

We helped Dad trim the trees along the driveway and started to pile branches on top of the Mule so we could carry them to the burn pile - well we ended up with one pretty sweet jungle-mobile!

Muddy kids!

Evenings watching the boys play horse shoes.

 Oh and you can't forget the otter pops right?

Landon learned to do the stairs all by himself this month! Way to go bubby!