Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bedtime Pictures (March Catch-up)

We have a couple Bed Invaders! Since we all share the same room - I don't see this problem getting better until we have a house with separate bedrooms!! 

Landon no longer stays put after you put him to sleep. He is all over the place!!

Sick Kids (March Catch-up)

Don't I look Hot!! This was a day from HE-double hockey sticks!! All the kids had been super sick for over a week. Really high fevers, snot everywhere, no sleeping. All three kiddos were really struggling. I had just finished taking all three to the pediatrician and sent this picture to Halsy to show him his haggard wife! I was going crazy. They all had the flu - which was the 3rd one this season. Luckily not the stomach flu - but still pretty sucky. They did eventually get better, but I remember taking this photograph thinking "This is never going to end!!!"

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

video catch up (February)

We had a lot of sickness in January & February. Poor Landon just felt horrible.

Just some hanging out footage

Landon rolls over! FINALLY (February catch up)

Maybe our little man will be a late bloomer like his big sister! He is rolling over folks! Watch out!

New Discoveries (February catch up)

I have discovered that I am good at sewing! My dear friend had a sewing machine at her house and offered to show me how to make a baby blanket. I jumped at the chance - I have always liked the idea of sewing (not make your own clothes sewing, but fun stuff). She taught me how to work the machine and an easy way to make super cute baby blankets. I caught on quickly and made my first blanket for my sister Meg and baby Paisley.
I have since added to my skills by making:
A Pair of blankets for a friend who had twin girls

Ties for all the little boys to wear for Easter Sunday!

and 2 aprons: one for Jena's birthday and one for Mom's birthday - pictures to come!

I bought my very own sewing machine and I love it! I am teaching my sister Megan to make a blanket today and it is a blast! 

Homemade? (February catch up)

I don't know why, but I've been on a "homemade" kick lately. I want to try and make stuff myself. My first attempt was pancakes. I found a recipe online and Katey Jane and I tried it out.
They were delicious. They tasted soooooo much better than Krusteaz mix and they were super easy! 
Here is the link to the recipe if you're interested: 

We also make our own syrup from mapeline!! YUMMY! 

Megan's baby shower (February catch up)

Jerry called me and gave me a budget and said "Make my wife feel happy!" So we did! We took the sisters and mom out to get pedicures and out to dinner! She was totally surprised and she loved it!

Jerry kept ALL the kiddos so we could go. Austin and Halsy helped towards the end too. Thanks Boys!

Outdoors In - our new favorite cold weather destination (February catch up)

I have always driven by this place and wondered what was inside. I finally went one day while Cameron was at Preschool......wow was I amazed!

I came back the next week with MEg and her kids, then again with my cousin and her kids.....we really like it and the kiddos do too!

Photo catch up - iPhone pics (February)

 Halsy and I went on a fun date and had yummy Chinese food from the Schezwan house in Aloha - we will so be going back!!
 My kids have rediscovered building blocks and we have fun building castles, zoos, New York City! You name it!
Cameron in the waiting room of the Dentist office - he is such a goob.

 KJ sure loves her little brother!
 Landon is the luckiest baby EVER - he has an older brother and sister that adore him to pieces. 
 Starting to hold his own bottle YAY!
I LOVE this picture. It was naptime for the older two and Landon and I just chilled on the bed together and watched Downton Abbey! It was wonderful. He slept and I enjoyed a diet cherry pepsi (in the bottle) and some chocolate!

Thanks Kendra (February catch up)

I think she totally absolutely LOVES it!

BEANS (February catch up)

I got these beans for my preschool group and my kiddos LOVE to play with them!! They make a huge mess - but oh man they have fun doing it.

Landon sits up in the cart! (February catch up)

No more baby status for this little man. He wants to participate in all the crazy!

Cold Walks....the weather can't keep us down! (February catch up)

Braids (February catch up)

I have been dreaming of doing little girl hair since I was a little girl! 

Katey Jane's hair has reached length for braiding and I adore it.