Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I have been so out of whack for the last month I have only been able to update facebook. So for new stuff, check facebook and I will just do better from now on.

Lets catch up a little......Cameron is finally feeling better from his cold/cough, which makes life wonderful again. We are both still working and busy as ever!! I have not been enjoying the sunny weather becasue that means ALLERGIES!!! Terrible Hay Fever and Grass allergies debilitate me almost daily in the hot summer. I am hoping a doctors appointment might help me get some relief. I have been running for a few months now and believe it or not, I am really enjoying excercise. I have signed up for my first 5K in August so there is no turning back now!! I have a workout partner and that makes all the difference. Halsy just finished finals week and is very excited to not worry about school for a week. We only have one more term before we start Chirpractic College!! I can't believe it is almost here. We were thinking about moving when school came so Halsy wouldn't have to drive so far, but in the end we decided it was financially and emotionally better to stick around here. So my parents have some permanent house mates......but they love it! I am especially excited to stay in the Farmington Ward and keep my friends and calling that I love. I am very excited to be living here when Megan has her baby and stay with my family!! Halsy has a longer commute, but I promised him as many books on tape as he can handle!!

Cameron is growing!! FINALLY....we went to the doctor and he is almost 20 lbs....what a big boy! He is drinking whole milk by the gallon and loves to eat hot dogs. He has added "Ball" and "Balloon" to his list of words. He still moos at everything, but we can get him to "quack" and "Grrrowl" sometimes. He gave us his first sign, something I have been teaching for a few months. He said "please" by signing. I was so proud (especially becasue my family called me silly for months). He also has added spinning to his dance moves. He is so fun! I love watching him figure things out.

My Grandpa DeLong passes away this week and what an experience. It was very sad, but also very wonderful! Having all of the family together from all corners fo the USA was too amazing. It was a beautiful funeral and grave dedication. This was my first experience with a death in the family close enough to feel sorrow. I am very grateful for the gospel and the knowledge that I have that I will see Grandpa again.