Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doctor? Doctor.......Doctors in the hallway.....

We had a little bug sweep through the compound so Cam and Katey Jane went in to see Dr. Palmer. I love to watch him work with them - he is so gentle and loving. He was my doctor when I was their age. The office even still looks the same - every time I go it is nostalgic. They are so good to us and I just love going to see them (for well visits at least :).

Carter Family Camping Trip

We LOVE camping with the Carters!! We camped at Champoeg State Park again this year and we got a yurt again too - so wonderful with little ones. Especially this year - it rained.

This was the first year in many that every sibling, grandchild, etc was there! The cousins had so much fun running around together - we didn't hear much from them until they were hungry, wet, or tired!

They loved playing with their uncles in the fields and chillin' by the fire eating all the yummy treats Papa and Grandma brought! I love to go because I get to talk with Halsy's sisters and Mom. I was excited this year also to not have a nursing baby. It was a little difficult cuz Katey Jane wasn't walking yet......but she was so good none-the-less.

S'mores time with cousins!

We tarped everything and were ready for the weather!! We used Papa and Grandma's yurt as base camp and used their fire pit for our meals. I absolutely loved it and the camping food was delicious!

Cameron brought his bike and he loved riding it up and down the ramp to our yurt!!

Katey Jane loved to watch all the people! We have a big family, but the Carters have so many cousins. I think it was a little over-whelming for her little thoughts! She loved it though and joined in when she could!

Everyone loved holding her! Addie, Carter, Jena, and Audrey took turns taking her on walks all over the campground.

Kisses from Uncle Dylan!

 Rainy day in the yurt - KJ was hanging out in her pack n' play.

We brought movies and were so glad we did when the rain started coming down and we could give the little boys something to do. They watched Toy Story 2. 

The only horrible part was this devil chicken pheasant thing. It was their mating season and this male decided to call for the ladies at 5am right outside our yurt. Also - it wouldn't leave. James tried to scare it away with a broom, it attacked one or two of the little cousins, and it was all around highly annoying. They boys were all plotting how they could "dispose" of the bird without the rangers knowing......luckily their plans never came to fruition :)

We stayed 2 nights and were good and smelly when we cam home. Perfect camping trip! Can't wait for next year.

Mothers Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day - I was spoiled. I got to sleep in and Halsy did as much as possible so I could do as little as possible. I got a shopping day out with my sisters and mom - NO BABIES!! I got some beautiful cards and a rockin' set of coupons from my hubby.

We went to my Grandma Judy's for waffles and sausage in the morning. We gave kisses and headed home to church. At church they gave out Roses to all the mommies - a nice gesture, but can I just say WHERE ARE THE GOODIES??? We dont' want one more thing to carry home - we want something delicious! Anyways - hopefully next year :)

After church we went to see my Grandma DeLong and spend some time with my aunties. It was one long day - WHEW.

I just wanted to admit to everyone who reads this blog that I absolutely positively 100% without a doubt LOVE being a Mom and wife. I truly believe this is a blessing and a joy - not every moment, but most of the time I wouldn't trade my job for anything. I love my husband and I love my kids. I am grateful to my Heavenly Father that he blessed me with beautiful, healthy, intelligent, loving babies. I can't imagine life without them :)

Sunny Day........what?!?!

We had the first sunny day in a Looooooooong time and we decided to make the most of it. Now when I say sunny - I don't mean warm. As you'll see we all had warmish clothes on, but nothing was gonna stop us! I made a scavenger hunt for the boys! I got the idea of the internet and just ended up making my own version on word. The boys loved it!! KJ was in heaven looking and babbling about everything!

After we found all the items on the list we sat in the driveway and made mountains out of rocks, waved at airplanes, and got completely dirty. They had a really good time and were very disappointed to come in for lunch/naps.

A day out with friends

We absolutely ADORE the childrens museum and we especiually love it when we get to go with friends!! Marissa and her little ones, Mylee (3) and Brady (1) came and we had a ball! Cameron and Jackson are old enough that it is totally fun and Katey Jane and Brady don't really care what we are doing - so they were happy campers to watch the fun!!

We spent the most time in the Grocery Store room - I even have fun in there. It gets addicting putting things back on the shelf. KJ and Brady loved the construction room - there were lots of things to build and destroy :) Everyone also really liked the train room. I love to go because there is always something new around the corner and I love to see them get excited!!

We bought a year pass and we have definately used it to its capacity - we will definately be renewing that one!

The Bottle Brigade

Happy Birthday Boys!

Cameron turned 3 April 25th and Jackson turned 5 May 2nd! We have some  big boys in the house!!

We celebrated with a double party! Jackson had dinosaurs and Cameron had Buzz Lightyear!! Also, Austin's family came too which was so much fun!

The boys had a ball and they were spoiled rotten - Thank You Everyone!!

I made Cameron a Toy Story cake with Buzz LightYear colors and Jena made Jackson brownies with dinosaurs on it!!

They each had their own cake and they were pretty pumped about it! We love our boys!!