Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Sunday, November 28, 2010


As we were walking out to the car last night, I was talking with Halsy and then Cameron interrupted with:

Cameron: Shhhhhh
Brooke: Why Shhhh Mr. Carter
Cameron: Because mommy,the sun is asleep
Brooke: Oh Cameron, I Love you
Cameron: Yeah

I Love his little mind.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am Thankful for....

I am thankful for:
My Family - my life wouldn't function without my dearest family
My friends - they make life fun and understandable
My home, my bed, and my functioning car
My Heavenly Father and how he blesses me!!
My Husband - oh how he loves me and takes care of me.
My beautiful, intelligent, sweet, adorable children - you are the end all be all of my life!
Most of all I am thankful for my knowledge of the gospel and that blessings and happiness it brings to me. We had a lovely thanksgiving, now its on to Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cameron's First Big Ouch!

I was Christmas shopping on the computer and Cameron was climbing on the wood bench next to the computer counter to come and color a picture. Thats when it all happened  DUN Dun dun.

He slipped and went face first into the counter - right on the edge - and split his cheekbone open rightunder his left eye. Blood everywhere. As soon as I looked at it I knew we were in for a long night at the ER. My dad called my sister and bro in law to come over and watch the kids for me so we could get outta there. Luckily Cameron's doctor was still at the clinic and he said he would wait for us and do the stitches himself! I was so grateful and excited that we wouldn't have to go sit in the ER for hours and have some ER doctor that Cameron doesn't know. We sped to Lake Oswego and went right in. Cameron was such a good boy - he let Dr. Palmer look at it as long as he could get some french fries on the way home and a special treat at the store.

They put a topical numbing cream on first, then shot him with numbing stuff (HORRIBLE) he could feel the numbing shots and I had to hold him down with two other nurses. At least I got to hold him though and not use that stupid pappoose thing. The first stitch was difficult because he wasn't completely numb and he kept moving......but the last two were better. I could tell it didn't hurt anymore, but he was telling me that he didn't want me to hold him down anymore and that he wanted to go get in the car. Talk about melt my hear and get some waterworks going. On the last stich he agreed that if I let him go and that he could hold my ear thats he would hold still, and he did! AFter the stiches he sat up and we cleaned him up, but we noticed that the very first stitch was loose - probably because that was the most difficult one. So we had to do it again!! Luckily, Cameron had calmed down a lot since it didn't hurt and he let me hold him while they did the last stitch. He wanted to be able to see me and hold my ear and then he was fine.

Dr. Palmer couldn't believe how well he did, especially for a 2 yr old. By the end, he even gave Dr. Palmer a hug and we said goodbye and thank you to the nurses on our way out the door. We have to go back Monday to get them removed.

Then we headed to McDonalds for some french fries and then to the store! While at the store I let him pick something out - he wanted a slinky. He was such a trooper and so far you can't tell that he was traumatized at all - we except for the fact that he slept the entire night through (which I don't mind at all :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ugh My Hair

My hair is a constant battle......


What to do - I like it short and Halsy likes it long.......hrm. I just wish I could snap my fingers and have shoulder length hair. The in-between stage is the WORST. I can't wear it up and it really bothers me to wear it down. Since Miss Katey Jane arrived I have been growing it out to please my hubby.......and I'll probably continue on that path since I am in the worst part of it anyways.

I think I'll ask Santa for bobby pins for Christmas this year to tame the beast.

Ballerina Cameron

at least that what his uncles call him......

Cameron has been potty training and pants are such a bother when you are frantically running to the potty. So we got him some leggings - manly leggings - to wear with his underpants and a shirt. He loves them! I let him choose the colors/styles and he asks me for them every day! (Thanks again Kendra - you are wonderful)

So while my brothers find it slightly feminine - I love that he loves them and it make potty training much easier!! ALSO - He looks so DARN CUTE!!

Katey Jane is eating big girl food

Miss Katey Jane is quite the food connoisseur these days. At first she could get the texture down and would spit it everywhere, but as soon as she discovered that it was yummy food she was all in! She dives, grabs, leans and swats at anything that remotely looks like food!! Her favorites are all the gross ones too.....squash, sweet potatoes, turkey and rice, etc. I even totally disobeyed the doc and gave her fruit first hoping it would get her into it - but no way she loves her veggies and starches. She is also doing finger foods - her hand to eye coordination is really good! I love to watch her eat - she is so into it!

Today I let her have some of my pudding - I think its her new favorite :)