Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jackson's Amazing brain

Jackson LOVES dinosaurs. He knows more about them than most adults. He can name them, tell you their features, tell you their hunting style, how they sleep, etc. CRAZY.
  We were at the park last night with Gi-Gi and she taught them the name of a flower. Later, she asked them again if they remembered that flower when we saw it again. Jackson and Cameron said, "No".

Gi Gi: Jackson, you know how there are so many different kinds of dinosaurs?
Jackson: Yeah
Gi Gi: Well, there are many different kinds of flowers too!
Jakcson: Yeah, um Gamma, in the Jurassic time period, there weren't any flowers.

Our jaws all dropped! I didn't even know that! Turns out it is true!! Such a cute little boy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's in a name?

We have been teaching Cameron his name, age, address, and how to greet someone. He now knows his full name "Cameron James Carter" he has also learned the rest of the family's full names (Halsy, Myself, and Katey Jane). I think it was too much information at once though because all day today he has been calling me "Mommy James Carter". So cute!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monster Zapper

Last week Cameron couldn't sleep and kept crying and running out of his room. That is definately not normal and turns out he was scared of monsters! I tried to sit with him - no way. I tried to sing him songs and say a prayer - no way. I turned on a night light and a reading light -  didn't work. Hrm.....I went in search of a flashlight but of course I don't have one that works. My mom suggested the key light on her key chain. I went and took it to Cameron and told him that I got a Monster Zapper and if he saw a monster that he can turn on the little light and they will get "ZAPPED". He was still not so sure, so Halsy went in and told him that it not only zapped the monster but Daddy would come in and stomp them. That did the trick - he curled up with his monster zapper and went to sleep. We keep it under his pillow so that he always has it and there have been no monster sightings since then! It is pretty darn cute to hear him ask for his monster zapper at bed time!

Katey Jane is 4 months old!!

WOW how time flies - we have a 4 month old little gal! Katey Jane brings me so much joy. She is a happy little thing and such a good baby!

We went to see Dr. Palmer and she passed with flying colors! Her current stats are:
Weight = 13 lbs 10.5 oz
Height = 24 5/8 inches
Head = 16 3/8 inches

50% percentiles across the board!
Funny thing, she and Cameron are almost identical at this age for height and weight!

Katey Jane is a great sleeper. She takes multiple naps during the day (one at least 2 hours long) and about a month ago started sleeping 6-9 hours in a row every night. WOO HOO. She also about a week ago ditched the swaddler and sleep positioner at night time. She looks like a really big girl in her crib all stretched out while she sleeps. She also has started putting herself to sleep. I will put her in her crib if she's sleepy, turn on some music, give her a binky and blanket, and out she goes!
What a blessing she is to me!!

Katey Jane is a talker! She loves to make lots of noise and talk to whoever she can find! She also makes lots of noise while nursing and sleeping. Relief Society is so funny when she falls asleep.....the teachers always look near me wondering what is making the noise. When they discover it is a beautiful little girl - they smile.

She loves to sit in the bumbo and play on the floor with hertoys.

She is figuring out her hands. She has figured out how to grab her own hands and how to suck on them, and she is now working on grabbing things. I love watching her concentrate so hard on a toy.

Katey Jane is very patient - she lets me put her down and go help Cameron or Jackson and usually won't put up a fuss. She is so wonderful that way. The only time she really cries is when she is past-hungry, part-tired, poopy, or in the car.

Katey Jane tries to sit up - if she is on any kind of slant she tried to do a sit up - it won't be too long before she is sitting on her own! She loves her bumbo because she can sit upright! Also, she rolled over from her tummy to her back last week!! What a big girl! 

At 3 months of age she began to cry in the car. I thought I was going to get a peaceful driving baby, but it was not in the cards. She now cries whenever the car is in motion. I hate driving anywhere with her. We tried toys, DVD players, singing, driving erratically, and nothing has worked. I am counting down the days until we can turn her car seat around. That is the only thing that helped Cameron. 

Katey Jane loves her binky. Which I love too. :)

Katey Jane is a beautiful baby - everywhere we go I get stopped and complimented on her beauty! One lady told me she was "Stunning, absolutely stunning" and then she saw Cameron and told me I should have more babies to beautify the world. Haha, I laughed because that is what I have been telling Halsy all along :)

I have so much fun shopping for her, dressing her, and loving her. I am in heaven with all the girlie ribbins, bows, ruffles, and colors.

We Love you Katey Jane Carter!

Washington County Fair 2010

   After coming home from the beach we showered and changed and headed to the Fair. It is still weird to not be there all week with the cows. We got asked everywhere we went why we didn't have our animals there - more specifically Bubba. We were sad to have to share that Bubba had died.
   We did have fun seeing our friends. The Webbs, the Vials, and so many more that we only see a couple times a year.  The boys loved looking at the animals and eating all the yummy food. I think we ate at least 5 elephant ears from Katie and Ryan's booth :) YUMMY! We had ice cream from the dairy barn, Thai noodles, hand dipped corn dogs, snow cones, curly fries, and a bloomin' onion. Our tummies were on overload - but there is only one time a year we got to eat fair food and we took full advantage!
   Cameron was brave enough to go and get on the bungee cords. It is so you can jump really high and do flips, but little ones can do it too. I was so impressed, first of all that he asked to, and second of all that he really liked it and stayed on the entire time! He was going at least 20 ft in the air!! It looked even higher because he was so small! I was loving it that he was so adventurous! John tried the rock climbing wall and almost made it to the top on the hard side! We walked around from 2:30pm until 8 pm and we all had expired! The kids did so well and we all slept great with tummies full of fair food!

Also the trip to the fair resulted in Katey Jane's laughter being caught on film!! I went to hang with Alicia (Vial) Beesley behind their shave ice booth and we got Katey Jane going and luckily Alicia busted out her camera!!

Beach Trip 2010

We had a great vacation at Lincoln City this year. We rented a house within walking distance from the beach and the little boys were in heaven!! The house was a total blast with a pool table and a hot tub! We ate ourselves sick and partied until we dropped all week. We didn't have the best weather, but at least it wasn't raining. We wore sweatshirts and long pants to the beach, but it didn't matter!

We arrived on Monday and unpacked and headed to the beach. The boys loved playing in the sand and we walked to some rocks and tidepools down the beach.

We finally got some sunshine on Wednesday and the boys were in heaven to not be all bundled up at the beach!

Ta DA! The boys were climbing and jumping off logs on the beach.

Tuesday Jena and Austin came to join us and stayed the rest of the week. Megan, Jerry, Finn, and Matthew came on Wednesday Night. Meg and Jerry had just come off vacation with his family in Colorado - so they were pretty pooped!

We went crabbing on Thursday and got completely skunked, but we had fun anyways.

Friday we played on the beach and relaxed.

Naps, reading, eating, watching movies, and games - that sums up the trip! Can't wait for next year!!