Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Thursday, November 21, 2013

August 2013 - just realized I never hit "publish"

Happy First Birthday to our Landon!! I love the chaos of these pictures. Kids everywhere wanting to help open and play. Landon just is happy through it all - thats one of the many things we LOVE about him.
I know they're long, but its for the memories.

Apparently it was selfie day at our house.

Time out day - poor Cameron spent a lot of time there today.
Jackson felt like joining

Landon is so happy! He loves cars and trucks and he loves to swing at the park.

Cameron found the cranefly INSIDE the house. Of course he touched it and put it into a jar so we could keep an eye on it!

Playing in the creek!!

Kendra threw an awesome Wild Kratts party!! The boys had no fun at all :)

Picking out his birthday present from Papa and Grandma

Climbing apple trees and enjoying the spoils........its always easy to go up, but a different story on the way down. 

KJ loves to color! She is such an artist.

One of our favorite places in the summer is the Wilsonville WaterPad. We are a little obsessed and the kids always enjoy it!

Oh Wyah.......I love this girl.

The letter of the day is "P". "P" is for penny, pasta, peacock, and piano.

KJ was such a big girl helper bringing in the ketchup from the car!

Watching the concrete be poured on the driveway!

Falling off the monkey bars is a tiring experience.


Cutest Nieces.....

Tried out the new kids area a SkyHigh - it was ok, probably wouldn't pay to go back :(

Trying to squeeze every last ounce of enjoyment out of blackberry season!

Landon loves to ride on the Mule! He got to be a cowboy with Grandpa this morning.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

October 2013

On a visit to Target we stopped to try on some sweet halloween wigs. 
Kj wanted to be a witch! Oooooo so scary!!

We finally are getting a GYM FLOOR!! It was pretty amazing watching the entire process as they built layer after layer. The kids thought it was pretty cool too! I will post some after pictures soon, or you might just have to come see it for youself.........its pretty awesome!

 Cameron got his cast off!! This is him getting a post-cast Xray. There is still evidence of a fracture, but his arm is healing well. About 80% there and getting better every day. Little kids are amazing with all their healing powers. Landon was my buddy while all this was going on, he was such a good boy.

 Selfie. I've been a little off track on the weight loss train. I haven't purchased a ticket on the gain train, but I am maintaining and trying to find my motivation again. Still looking good and feeling good, just need to get movin' and work my way down to babymakin' weight. (I need to drop the lbs so I can have a healthier pregnancy this time around)

Pumpkin Patch 2013! Lakeview Farms is still our favorite and this year our cousins joined in the fun!  Of course the usual measurements and funny photos are part of the deal. Train rides, boat rides and hay mazes are so much fun!

 Pony Rides!

 Searching the fields for the perfect pumpkin.

 Landon kept taking off for the hills! He love the open space and tons of pumpkins!!

 Cameron found his pumpkin!

 Cameron and Daphne searching for their pumpkins. 
KJ found hers!!

 Family Photo - minus Halsy. Its such a bummer Daddies have to work so hard. 
We are grateful for our Daddy!!

Mis Padres. Love em'

Love my sister!
Playing by the pond waiting for the boat to arrive.

 My uncle John and Aunt Cheryl came for a visit and since we only see them a few times a year we had a brunch at Grandma DeLong's! We had so much fun catching up and eating yummy food!
KJ and Reese are starting to enjoy playing together. It is so fun to see those little blonde curly dolls run around together!


 Pre-Halloween costume try on day.
Pumpkin carving too!!

Getting a picture with each of them by their pumpkin was proving to be impossible.....so we gave up. 

The warmth of summer is almost completely gone. We are trying to hold on as long as possible!!
Playing outside on the driveway and riding bikes are a must before the rain comes.


Guess Finny B still needs a nap. We tuckered him right out.

I love this. Hopefully they still enjoy each other this much when their older. (Hey I can have hope) 


This year we had a Race Car Driver, a Princess Rapunzel (Tangled) and a Lion!! I took the cutest video of them in their costumes and Landon going "Roar!", then when I went to watch it, there was no sound. I almost cried. It was so cute..... :(

The boys had so much fun. Meg and I ran ahead with them so we could go fast!! We got tons of Candy!!

 and what is the best part of Halloween you ask? SORTING and EATING. We all got on the floor and dug in. Even Landon figured out tradition real quick!!

If you made it to the end of this post I think you deserve a prize.........
My sister won't let me post this on youtube, even though I think it has the potential to go viral...
Anyway - here ya go.