Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Saturday, November 19, 2011

We're on our way

Today I removed my IUD - because we want to start trying for Baby Carter #3!! I am so totally excited and the best part is that Halsy is excited too (especially since it was his idea). Hopefully we will have fun news to share in the next few months!!


Well, its official, Katey Jane is attempting to climb out of her crib. Luckily we saw her trying while we were reading bedtime stories and was able to  fix it before we experienced a fall :) That is so crazy that she is at that age already - what a big girl we have on our hands. She is looking so grown up these days, more like a little lady and less like a baby. She says Mama all the time and today was yelling at me from her bed at nap time. It was too cute! I love it when I am in another part of the house and I hear her little voice "MAMA!!" and then she smiles when she finds me. Oh man I Luv this girl!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daddy Doctor and Mr. Incredible

We were at the doctor yesterday visiting Dr. Palmer for Cameron's cough. While Dr. Palmer was talking to me about how to help him get better, Cameron came out with this:

"Dr. Palmer, did you know my daddy is going to be a doctor too?"

I was super impressed he even knew that and that he thought to tell another doctor too - he was also very impressed with himself, it was totally cute. Dr. Palmer was very excited for us. He has been both my babies doctor and he was my pediatrician when I was a baby. We just love Dr. Palmer!

Today we stayed in bed late and watched a movie - it was really fun to do. I made the kiddos breakfast in bed and we watched The Incredibles together. I also got some very needed phone calls checked off my list while they were engrossed! While we were watching Cameron said, "Who is Mr. Con-creb-ital married to?" I died.......I have already asked him to say it again like four times! Ahhhhhh.......love this kid.