Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Friday, January 27, 2012

Our growing up boy

Oh Cameron how we love you buddy!

Cameron is almost 4 years old and we can't believe it! He is so darn smart, too smart for me. He is always thinking about something and randomly he will spout some question about whales, or plants growing, or another random thing. I love hearing what is in his little head.

He is loving pre-school and goes so happily. He also started sunbeams this year (am I old enough to have a kid in Primary?????) his teachers inform me that he is the class clown. He is so good and behaves well (WHEW what a relief) and he gives great answers to their questions. He is so funny in Primary (I am the new Chorister). IF he doesn't get chosen to be a helper in singing time - he gets his little feelers hurt. He sits with his arms folded and super still hoping to get chosen. Every Sunday he doesn't get picked, he asks me why when we get to the car "Mommy, why didn't you pick me today?". I have to remember to choose him every few Sundays so he feels like he is still my very favorite :)

He loves to LAUGH. He makes us laugh too! He thinks anything to do with boogers, poop, pee, bums, stinky, icky, it hilarious. He and Jackson will get going at the dinner table and be laughing so hard they can't chew.

My favorite thing to do with Cameron is first thing in the morning. I get up first and am usually on the computer right outside his door when he wakes up. I hear the door handle wiggle and out comes a very sleepy kiddo with his eyes covered. He heads straight for me and I get the most wonderful hug and snuggles. He always smells the same and I love it. He wakes up so polite and considerate too. He says please, thank you, may I, and he offers to help. I try to get cleaning done then because he is so amiable! It usually wears off after a couple hours and he becomes a normal almost 4 year old.

Cameron now weighs 32 pounds and is wearing 3T clothing! He is getting taller for sure, but still my skinny guy. He is such a great eater, who knows where it all goes?

Our Biggest Girl

I am having so much fun with my little gal! She is the most adorable thing I have EVER seen. She is growing like a weed and so darn smart! She is spouting words daily - and we are in heaven:

MOMMY, DADDY, LIGHT, PICKLE, PUZZLE, ME, UH OH, PLEASE (PEECE), BAMPA, GIGI, BABY LYLA, NIGHT NIGHT, NO, HEY, YAH, WOW, WHY?, EYE, NOSE, BUTTERFLY (BY), GO, and last night she said "NO WAY DADDY" when we asked her if she was ready for bed, we about died!!

She is such a Love. She gives great cuddles and hugs! She reminds me so much of what Katelyn looked like as a baby it is crazy! Katey Jane lets me dress her and do her hair everyday - it makes me so happy and I am trying to enjoy that while it lasts!

She walks EVERYWHERE on her tippy toes. I don't' know why, maybe she will be a ballerina :)

She loves her big brother and copies him and follows him as long as he will let her. She wants to do what the big boys are doing. She LOVES her cousin Lyla - and whenever she comes over KJ sits on the floor ready for her turn.

Katey Jane is a good eater and is so darn cute when she is hungry. She stands at the bottom of her high chair and yells "MOMMY" and points to her mouth while grunting. I know its time to eat! She loves to eat Cottage cheese for breakfast, pretty much anything for lunch and dinner, and she will have treats anytime! If there is Peanut butter involved she licks it all off and leaves the bread or toast. That's my girl - she knows the good stuff!

She is super LOUD - I wonder where she gets that from? Her voice carries and she can really project! I think it is so cute, but it does get bothersome when the volume never lessens.

She sings us songs and does all the actions. we LOVE it!

Katey Jane eats paper - books, receipts, lists, etc. We have so many books with her little mouth taken out of the corner. She also really enjoys sucking on rocks. If she goes outside or in the garage she will  most definitely come back with her mouth full of little rocks/pebbles. She really doesn't like to give them up either. She is so silly.

So many things

Big News: I am pregnant! Halsy and I decided it was time for a new little Carter kid running around and before we knew it I was pregnant. I knew I was pregnant because I was forgetting everything and was such a spaz! I lost my wedding ring, and many other things in a one week period. I took 7 pregnancy tests and got all NO's. This had to be wrong because I was not myself. Finally 3 days before Christmas I got my YES. We were excited and I was relieved to know that I was not truly going crazy.

I had been feeling well until week 6 and then I got really sick, felt funky, felt pukey, and REALLY tired. It just started to get a little better last week, hopefully it keeps going that way.

I had a bit of a scare this week - last week I was bleeding and when I went in for my doctor appointment my doctor said he wanted to do a blood test to make sure my HCG levels were normal and growing. I took one on Friday and then another on Monday. The numbers should have been high and they should have doubled between them. We got the numbers back and they had not doubled, they went down. My doctor was concerned - it could be one of two things. Either I was farther along than I thought OR I was headed for miscarriage. He was leaning toward miscarriage because of when my last period was and when my IUD came out.....anyway. I was very sad all day. He scheduled an ultrasound for the very next day. I couldn't sleep all night. I kept having dreams that I miscarried in my sleep, or I woke up to go to the bathroom and then miscarried in the toilet. I was WIDE awake from 1:30 to 5:30 am. My mind couldn't rest, it was horrible. I just needed to know.

I got to the appointment and waited holding my breath to see that little peanut. Luckily the ultrasound tech was super adorable and checked heart rate and health of baby first thing - he/she is PERFECT. I am further pregnant that I thought. I am 10 weeks 3 days instead of 8 weeks. Heartbeat is strong, uterus and placenta are perfect, it was moving and kicking, EVERYTHING is as it should be.  I was so relieved. I called Halsy and then my family and we all exhaled.

So today I am a little grateful for my sickies because it means there is a happy healthy baby in there. Due Mid August!