Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Monday, March 23, 2009

3/15/09 - 3/21/09 The Sickly Week

This week I was severely sick. I had a high temperature, aches all over, a cough, sore throat, and no energy. We didn't do very much becasue I was so sick, but luckily I felt a little better every day. Tuesday we went to the 10 Virgins Play put on by the Farmington Ward. It was so beautiful! The ladies did an amazing job! That was my first outing in a week or so, and I was very happy to do so. We mostly hung around the house and played in the living room. Cameron is such a good baby, I think he could tell I wasn't myself because he played very nicely and cuddled with me a lot on the couch!

This is how Cameron like to watch Baby Einstein, he will stop at the ledge for a few minutes and watch, then walk around the couch and find a toy, then stop again. It is so cute!

Halsy was home more towards the end of the week because it was finals and Cameron was very excited to have Daddy home!

Cameron had a lot of fun playing with Halsy and I was thankful that he was home to take over baby duty!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Monday Cameron actually walked! He has been taking steps for a month and yesterday took at least 15 steps in a row! He walks across the room and is so happy about it! I have a video on facebook if you want to check it out! I am sure in a week or so he'll be walking really well! He sortof does a side step...it is the cutest thing. I will be taking more videos soon!

We had fun thinking of things he would try to get to!!

Then he got really good at it!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

3/8/09 - 3/14/09

This week we had a mixed bag. The week started fun and ended with a very sick Brooke! Tuesday was a fun day because we got to hang out with The Stoddards! They have two little munchkins close to Jackson's age and Nicole is my workout buddy! We went to McDonalds for their $1.25 Hamburger Happy Meals and let the kids play until they were beat! Jackson had a ball! Cameron slept for the first part and then just sat and watched until it was time to go home! I had a blast sitting and having adult conversation with Nicole while Jackson went up the ladder and down the slide a million times!

Wednesday we had Kendra, Jason, and Levi over to play! We got word that the Stoddards had new baby chicks at their house and went over to check it out! They were so cute! Only 2 days old! Jackson loved to look at them but wanted nothing to do with touching them (see video on my facebook) it was pretty hilaroius. Then we stayed for a little while and went to play in their backyard! A Kids heaven is what I call their yard...grass, dirt, trampoline, slides, bridges, trees, and everything else you could imagine a little person would want! Jackson loved it! He picked up sticks and found pinecones! Levi chased the cat up a couple of trees too! We jumped on the trampoline and dug in the dirt. It was so much fun the boys didn't want to leave.

Cameron took 5 steps this week and is figuring out pivoting...he is going to be walking soon! Cameron and Jackson like to eat together in their high chairs...and laugh at each other. (see video on facebook)
Uncle Cubby was giving Cam rides through the house on the scooter, he loved it!

Cameron also dicovered hand soap this week. He kept getting a white foam falling out of his mouth and he was moving his tongue around a lot. I picked him up and sure enough he smelled like cucumber melon. So we had to wash his mouth out and he was on his way again!

I became very ill Wednesday evening with aches and sore throut and I am still recovering! This cold/flu whatever it is took me out. I have been laying down for 4 days. Halsy has had to fill in a lot and I am so grateful. He has been taking care of us, working, and getting ready for finals, and fighting off a bug of his own. Cam just has a stuffy nose and hopefully it will stop at that. We are still re-training cam to sleep in his bed and it is not fun to hear the cries...but I know it will be worth it!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 3/1/09 - 3/7/09

Hello Friends and Family! I wanted to update you on our lives this past week! Cameron recovered from a horrible cold this week, coughing, runny nose, and sleeplessness! It was not very fun, and it got worse when it became double ear infections. However this week, my baby has returned and is feeling wonderful! We did however revert to him sleeping in bed with us and will have to retrain him to sleep in his crib....not looking forward to the crying again :( There is something to be said for co-sleeping.....but only in short bursts because co-sleeping means no-mommy-sleeping.

We went to go see Dr. Palmer on Tuesday to weigh Cameron. He currently is in the 25th percentile for height and head size, but only ranks under the 5th percentile for his weight, so the doctor wanted to be sure that he can gain weight. Sure enough he did! He weighs in at 16 lbs 10 ounces. Cameron loves Dr. Palmer, he lets him check his ears, eyes, mouth, and nose.....he just sits there and watches his every move! We also go the clear on his ear infections!

We had a lot of fun this week, playing in the gym and building barns for the animals were top priority! Halsy, Jena, and I took the little boys to the park to play on the slides! We explored the trees, pinecones, grass, and bugs! We went on the swings and played on the monkey bars too! Then we took them to get happy meals at McDonalds....Jackson loves his "shrys" (fries) and ketchup!

Driving in the car to the park! Cameron has his binky and holding both ears, he is definately relaxed!

Cameron loved to go down the slide!

So silly!

I loved Jackson's happy face peeking through the slide!

Cameron loved the swing! He sat in it most of the time!

Jackson eating his "shries"!

Sweetest faces!

Halsy and I went to Heather to get our hair cut on Friday and went out to eat at La Bonita, which was our favorite restaurant when we lives over by Alberta St. in NE Portland! It was delicious and we looked good doing it!

Cameron and I got to go to a baptism on Saturday, which was a blast! It was for a little girl I babysat for a few years! Lots of old friends to see, it was wonderful! I love going to baptisms because it helps me remember my baptism!

I also wanted to update you on Cameron status:

~He says "uh oh", "da da", and "ma ma", he is also pointing at things he wants and saying "de"
~He is a speedy crawler, and stair master! If you aren't looking he bolts for the stairs!
~ He is currently experimenting with walking. He has taken a few steps, but prefers crawling.
~He is the sweetest little thing, he loves to give kisses (big slobbery open mouth kisses) and is an excellent cuddler.
~ He laughs all the time and is a very happy little guy.
~ We have started teaching him some signs and hopefully soon he'll start signing back!
~ He loves to eat cheese, pickles, apples, and hot dogs, and he loves his bottles!
~ He loves to pull all my folded laundry of the table and say "uh oh", also thats how you know he is done with his meal is he will start dropping food off the side and say "uh oh".
~ He is a little thinker, he watches for a long time before he tries something and usually figures it out!
~ He loves everyone, at church he disappears! Everyone holds him and passes him around. I love it, but I miss him too!
So life is still busy as ever for us, but we are getting closer to the finish line every day!

Jackson thinks it is so funny to pull Cam on top of him and pretend that Cam is "getting him"!

These boys love each other! I don't know what we'll do when we move away.....I think we'll all have a bout with depression!