Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Monday, December 27, 2010

Night Fury and Buzz Lightyear

Cameron was going down for a nap and he wanted Halsy to lay with him when Halsy said:

Halsy:  Cameron, are you going to have sweet dreams at nap time?
Cameron: Yea
Halsy: What are you going to dream about?
Cameron: Crocodiles and Dragons
Halsy: Really!?
Cameron: and Night Furys (from "How to Train your Dragon")
Halsy: Are you going to ride one?
Cameron: No
Halsy: Who's gonna ride it?
Cameron: Buzz Lightyear.....and Woody........Buzz is going to ride on the back

Gosh dangit I love this kid!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The 2 year old mind

Halsy brought the kids to the church building tonight for tithing settlement after my Valiant Girls Activity. Cameron doesn't really come to the church building unless it is for church, so when he was driving in the car to come he said to Halsy;

Cameron: Are we going to church?
Halsy: Yes
Cameron: But Daddy, we don't wear our pajamas to church, that's silly
Halsy: Well, what do we wear to church then?
Cameron: My tie

He is so darn adorable!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


As we were walking out to the car last night, I was talking with Halsy and then Cameron interrupted with:

Cameron: Shhhhhh
Brooke: Why Shhhh Mr. Carter
Cameron: Because mommy,the sun is asleep
Brooke: Oh Cameron, I Love you
Cameron: Yeah

I Love his little mind.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am Thankful for....

I am thankful for:
My Family - my life wouldn't function without my dearest family
My friends - they make life fun and understandable
My home, my bed, and my functioning car
My Heavenly Father and how he blesses me!!
My Husband - oh how he loves me and takes care of me.
My beautiful, intelligent, sweet, adorable children - you are the end all be all of my life!
Most of all I am thankful for my knowledge of the gospel and that blessings and happiness it brings to me. We had a lovely thanksgiving, now its on to Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cameron's First Big Ouch!

I was Christmas shopping on the computer and Cameron was climbing on the wood bench next to the computer counter to come and color a picture. Thats when it all happened  DUN Dun dun.

He slipped and went face first into the counter - right on the edge - and split his cheekbone open rightunder his left eye. Blood everywhere. As soon as I looked at it I knew we were in for a long night at the ER. My dad called my sister and bro in law to come over and watch the kids for me so we could get outta there. Luckily Cameron's doctor was still at the clinic and he said he would wait for us and do the stitches himself! I was so grateful and excited that we wouldn't have to go sit in the ER for hours and have some ER doctor that Cameron doesn't know. We sped to Lake Oswego and went right in. Cameron was such a good boy - he let Dr. Palmer look at it as long as he could get some french fries on the way home and a special treat at the store.

They put a topical numbing cream on first, then shot him with numbing stuff (HORRIBLE) he could feel the numbing shots and I had to hold him down with two other nurses. At least I got to hold him though and not use that stupid pappoose thing. The first stitch was difficult because he wasn't completely numb and he kept moving......but the last two were better. I could tell it didn't hurt anymore, but he was telling me that he didn't want me to hold him down anymore and that he wanted to go get in the car. Talk about melt my hear and get some waterworks going. On the last stich he agreed that if I let him go and that he could hold my ear thats he would hold still, and he did! AFter the stiches he sat up and we cleaned him up, but we noticed that the very first stitch was loose - probably because that was the most difficult one. So we had to do it again!! Luckily, Cameron had calmed down a lot since it didn't hurt and he let me hold him while they did the last stitch. He wanted to be able to see me and hold my ear and then he was fine.

Dr. Palmer couldn't believe how well he did, especially for a 2 yr old. By the end, he even gave Dr. Palmer a hug and we said goodbye and thank you to the nurses on our way out the door. We have to go back Monday to get them removed.

Then we headed to McDonalds for some french fries and then to the store! While at the store I let him pick something out - he wanted a slinky. He was such a trooper and so far you can't tell that he was traumatized at all - we except for the fact that he slept the entire night through (which I don't mind at all :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ugh My Hair

My hair is a constant battle......


What to do - I like it short and Halsy likes it long.......hrm. I just wish I could snap my fingers and have shoulder length hair. The in-between stage is the WORST. I can't wear it up and it really bothers me to wear it down. Since Miss Katey Jane arrived I have been growing it out to please my hubby.......and I'll probably continue on that path since I am in the worst part of it anyways.

I think I'll ask Santa for bobby pins for Christmas this year to tame the beast.

Ballerina Cameron

at least that what his uncles call him......

Cameron has been potty training and pants are such a bother when you are frantically running to the potty. So we got him some leggings - manly leggings - to wear with his underpants and a shirt. He loves them! I let him choose the colors/styles and he asks me for them every day! (Thanks again Kendra - you are wonderful)

So while my brothers find it slightly feminine - I love that he loves them and it make potty training much easier!! ALSO - He looks so DARN CUTE!!

Katey Jane is eating big girl food

Miss Katey Jane is quite the food connoisseur these days. At first she could get the texture down and would spit it everywhere, but as soon as she discovered that it was yummy food she was all in! She dives, grabs, leans and swats at anything that remotely looks like food!! Her favorites are all the gross ones too.....squash, sweet potatoes, turkey and rice, etc. I even totally disobeyed the doc and gave her fruit first hoping it would get her into it - but no way she loves her veggies and starches. She is also doing finger foods - her hand to eye coordination is really good! I love to watch her eat - she is so into it!

Today I let her have some of my pudding - I think its her new favorite :)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cameron read to me at bedtime!

I was in pure heaven last night at bed time! Cameron wanted to read to ME!! Granted - it is mostly rambling on about the pictures and things he can remember, but I didn't care at all! He was so adorable and I was amazed at how much he remembers from reading every night at bed time. I was loving sitting so close with him and stroking his little head and arms while he read to me. After a few books he would go to the shelf and grab a few more - I think we sat there for 30 minutes just cuddling and reading. I loved it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nothing too special....

I haven't posted in a while.....we have been having lots of fun! Walks outside in the sunshine, trampoline marathons, movie watching, family pictures, and so much more.

Katey Jane is sitting up so well! She hardly falls over, but when she does is it epic - gravity takes quite a hold on her sweet cheeks. She is also eating baby food - she likes the veggies most of all, but not the green ones. She is a squash/carrot/sweet potato girl. She even likes them more than bananas!! CRAZY. She is fascinated with her tongue - it is always out! She puts everything in her mouth and she is getting more and more fun each day. She melts everyone she sees and it is fun that I have a "sharable baby". I am still in heaven dressing her each and every day. I recently found a lady who makes hair bows and hats for little girls - EDIBLE. I ordered $30.00 worth of stuff and I know I will order more! Katey Jane wore one of the hats in our family pictures and she looked ADORABLE!

Cameron is talking and learning like a freight train. He is always asking "why" or "how" and it drives me crazy sometimes - most times it is because I run out of answers for his little brain. He is a fast little runner and great jumper - he can do lots of tricks too (somersault, jumps, splits, seat drops). Aunt Jena says he should be a gymnast cuz of his mad skillz! He remains the sweetest boy on earth with his kissable red lips and mezmerizing blue eyes! He has begun to sleep in his own bed at nap time and bed time - and he has stayed in his own bed until 6am for 4 nights in a row now!! He is also potty training and doing quite well. We have had a few accidents and thrown away three pairs of poopied on underpants - but all in all he is getting the idea! He gives me lots of reasons to be proud of him and I am in love with my little guy!

Halsy is still trudging though school and doing pretty well. He is getting good grades and working really hard. He has even brought home some "A"s on his tests lately - which make me very happy! He is enjoying the adjusting classes most of all and the family is also enjoing them, seeing as we get to be the benefactors of his newly attained chiro skills! Our backs and necks have never felt better!

I am enjoying mommytown and working on the side as much as my sanity will allow! I am enjoying going into the office one day a week and this last week was able to clean houses for some extra $$. I am getting very excited for the holiday season coming up and I LOVE that the weather changed and fall is here!! I love wearing sweaters and boots to church! We had our family pictures done last week and they turned out amazingly beautiful! I love them!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

6 Month Check Up - Miss Katey Jane

Miss Katey Jane Carter

Current Weight: 14 lbs 15.5 oz (25th)
Current Height: 26 5/8" (75th)
Current Head Size: 17" (75th)

Growing like a weed and such a happy girl!

Katey Jane's Fact Sheet:

* You are sitting up in your boppy and putting everything in your mouth!
* You love your blankie and binkie - you sleep with it every night and if you are sleepy, all you need is to
   feel your blankie on your little face and you are off to dreamland. (Thanks Sarah!)
* You are grabbing at or touching anything in your reach
* You love to watch people - you stare at us with your big blue eyes and we all melt
* You are a roller - no more playing on your back! As soon as we put you on the floor you pop over to  
   your tummy and put your head up high so you can see whats going on!
* You are the swetest baby girl! Lots of kisses and snuggles - we are very spoiled.
* You have stopped crying in the car!! We have our peaceful girl back!
* You are an excellent sleeper - 9pm to 5am (feed) then 6am to 7:30am 9 1/2 hours!! Mommy likes that!
* You also put yourself to sleep most of the time. I will lay you down so I can do something and I will
   come back to find you asleep with your blankie.
* You are a good little eater - mothers milk never goes to waste and you have the thighs to prove it!
* We adore your chubby cheeked grin and irresistable giggle!
* You make your mommy very happy
* You make spitting (farting) noises all the time - I think it tickles your lips because you really like it!
* You ADORE your big brother - every time he walk by or comes to say hello - you smile and laugh at
   him. He can really get you to laugh the hardest by jumping up and down.
* You are a mini-model. Everywhere we go people stop me to tell me how beautiful you are.
* You love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Baby Einstein Videos.
* You love to go for walks in the stroller and have your big brother push you!

We absolutely LOVE you Miss Katey Jane. You are a blessing to our family and we don't know what we would do without your sweet face!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No more bottles!

Cameron LOVES his bottles, but his pee pee escapades at night time are ridiculous....and he "needs" it to go to sleep and it just seemed like too much dependency. So I thought I'd bring it up and see how he took it. At first he said, "No", and then when I retorted with "but buddy, only babies have bottles", he said "Mommy, I'm a baby" with a sheepish grin! It was so adorable...... I waited another day to do it!

2 days ago we put all his bottles in a bag and put them into the garbage (he did it himself) and so far he has been a champ. He cried a little bit - nap time on day one was the hardest, but he is amazing me with how well he is doing!

It is sad a little too, sort of like how I felt when he stopped nursing. My little boy is disappearing and being replaced with a handsome little man.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Katey Jane Rolled Over!

We officially have a big girl on our hands. Today at Papa and Grandma's house in Eugene - Katey Jane rolled from her back to her tummy!! I even got it on camera.....lucky me! I love this age of baby, everything is new and interesting. They discover so much about themselves and the world, it is so fun to watch!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Jackson's Amazing brain

Jackson LOVES dinosaurs. He knows more about them than most adults. He can name them, tell you their features, tell you their hunting style, how they sleep, etc. CRAZY.
  We were at the park last night with Gi-Gi and she taught them the name of a flower. Later, she asked them again if they remembered that flower when we saw it again. Jackson and Cameron said, "No".

Gi Gi: Jackson, you know how there are so many different kinds of dinosaurs?
Jackson: Yeah
Gi Gi: Well, there are many different kinds of flowers too!
Jakcson: Yeah, um Gamma, in the Jurassic time period, there weren't any flowers.

Our jaws all dropped! I didn't even know that! Turns out it is true!! Such a cute little boy!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What's in a name?

We have been teaching Cameron his name, age, address, and how to greet someone. He now knows his full name "Cameron James Carter" he has also learned the rest of the family's full names (Halsy, Myself, and Katey Jane). I think it was too much information at once though because all day today he has been calling me "Mommy James Carter". So cute!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Monster Zapper

Last week Cameron couldn't sleep and kept crying and running out of his room. That is definately not normal and turns out he was scared of monsters! I tried to sit with him - no way. I tried to sing him songs and say a prayer - no way. I turned on a night light and a reading light -  didn't work. Hrm.....I went in search of a flashlight but of course I don't have one that works. My mom suggested the key light on her key chain. I went and took it to Cameron and told him that I got a Monster Zapper and if he saw a monster that he can turn on the little light and they will get "ZAPPED". He was still not so sure, so Halsy went in and told him that it not only zapped the monster but Daddy would come in and stomp them. That did the trick - he curled up with his monster zapper and went to sleep. We keep it under his pillow so that he always has it and there have been no monster sightings since then! It is pretty darn cute to hear him ask for his monster zapper at bed time!

Katey Jane is 4 months old!!

WOW how time flies - we have a 4 month old little gal! Katey Jane brings me so much joy. She is a happy little thing and such a good baby!

We went to see Dr. Palmer and she passed with flying colors! Her current stats are:
Weight = 13 lbs 10.5 oz
Height = 24 5/8 inches
Head = 16 3/8 inches

50% percentiles across the board!
Funny thing, she and Cameron are almost identical at this age for height and weight!

Katey Jane is a great sleeper. She takes multiple naps during the day (one at least 2 hours long) and about a month ago started sleeping 6-9 hours in a row every night. WOO HOO. She also about a week ago ditched the swaddler and sleep positioner at night time. She looks like a really big girl in her crib all stretched out while she sleeps. She also has started putting herself to sleep. I will put her in her crib if she's sleepy, turn on some music, give her a binky and blanket, and out she goes!
What a blessing she is to me!!

Katey Jane is a talker! She loves to make lots of noise and talk to whoever she can find! She also makes lots of noise while nursing and sleeping. Relief Society is so funny when she falls asleep.....the teachers always look near me wondering what is making the noise. When they discover it is a beautiful little girl - they smile.

She loves to sit in the bumbo and play on the floor with hertoys.

She is figuring out her hands. She has figured out how to grab her own hands and how to suck on them, and she is now working on grabbing things. I love watching her concentrate so hard on a toy.

Katey Jane is very patient - she lets me put her down and go help Cameron or Jackson and usually won't put up a fuss. She is so wonderful that way. The only time she really cries is when she is past-hungry, part-tired, poopy, or in the car.

Katey Jane tries to sit up - if she is on any kind of slant she tried to do a sit up - it won't be too long before she is sitting on her own! She loves her bumbo because she can sit upright! Also, she rolled over from her tummy to her back last week!! What a big girl! 

At 3 months of age she began to cry in the car. I thought I was going to get a peaceful driving baby, but it was not in the cards. She now cries whenever the car is in motion. I hate driving anywhere with her. We tried toys, DVD players, singing, driving erratically, and nothing has worked. I am counting down the days until we can turn her car seat around. That is the only thing that helped Cameron. 

Katey Jane loves her binky. Which I love too. :)

Katey Jane is a beautiful baby - everywhere we go I get stopped and complimented on her beauty! One lady told me she was "Stunning, absolutely stunning" and then she saw Cameron and told me I should have more babies to beautify the world. Haha, I laughed because that is what I have been telling Halsy all along :)

I have so much fun shopping for her, dressing her, and loving her. I am in heaven with all the girlie ribbins, bows, ruffles, and colors.

We Love you Katey Jane Carter!

Washington County Fair 2010

   After coming home from the beach we showered and changed and headed to the Fair. It is still weird to not be there all week with the cows. We got asked everywhere we went why we didn't have our animals there - more specifically Bubba. We were sad to have to share that Bubba had died.
   We did have fun seeing our friends. The Webbs, the Vials, and so many more that we only see a couple times a year.  The boys loved looking at the animals and eating all the yummy food. I think we ate at least 5 elephant ears from Katie and Ryan's booth :) YUMMY! We had ice cream from the dairy barn, Thai noodles, hand dipped corn dogs, snow cones, curly fries, and a bloomin' onion. Our tummies were on overload - but there is only one time a year we got to eat fair food and we took full advantage!
   Cameron was brave enough to go and get on the bungee cords. It is so you can jump really high and do flips, but little ones can do it too. I was so impressed, first of all that he asked to, and second of all that he really liked it and stayed on the entire time! He was going at least 20 ft in the air!! It looked even higher because he was so small! I was loving it that he was so adventurous! John tried the rock climbing wall and almost made it to the top on the hard side! We walked around from 2:30pm until 8 pm and we all had expired! The kids did so well and we all slept great with tummies full of fair food!

Also the trip to the fair resulted in Katey Jane's laughter being caught on film!! I went to hang with Alicia (Vial) Beesley behind their shave ice booth and we got Katey Jane going and luckily Alicia busted out her camera!!

Beach Trip 2010

We had a great vacation at Lincoln City this year. We rented a house within walking distance from the beach and the little boys were in heaven!! The house was a total blast with a pool table and a hot tub! We ate ourselves sick and partied until we dropped all week. We didn't have the best weather, but at least it wasn't raining. We wore sweatshirts and long pants to the beach, but it didn't matter!

We arrived on Monday and unpacked and headed to the beach. The boys loved playing in the sand and we walked to some rocks and tidepools down the beach.

We finally got some sunshine on Wednesday and the boys were in heaven to not be all bundled up at the beach!

Ta DA! The boys were climbing and jumping off logs on the beach.

Tuesday Jena and Austin came to join us and stayed the rest of the week. Megan, Jerry, Finn, and Matthew came on Wednesday Night. Meg and Jerry had just come off vacation with his family in Colorado - so they were pretty pooped!

We went crabbing on Thursday and got completely skunked, but we had fun anyways.

Friday we played on the beach and relaxed.

Naps, reading, eating, watching movies, and games - that sums up the trip! Can't wait for next year!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Katey Jane Laughs!!

This morning started bright and early at 4:30am. Katey was bright eyed and wanting to stare. After rocking her for a while to no avail, at around 5:30 I figured I should pump and feed her. After pumping, of course she fell asleep. She woke up about an hour later and after she ate she was so happy! I was talking to her and said "Katey, when are you going to laugh for mommy?" in a silly voice.....AND SHE DID! It was the cutest thing ever!! I then had Cameron do some peek-a-boo and she kept laughing.....we even got a belly laugh out of her. It was so dang adorable!! These are the moment that make me thankful to be a full-time stay-at-home mommy. I got to be there for Katey's first laugh :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Katey Jane Carter is 2 months Old!!

We are in love with our Katey Jane! She is 2 months old now and couldn't be happier.

You are weighing in at 11 lbs 1 oz (60th percentile) and you are 22 1/4" long (50th percentile)!
Katey Jane's Fact Sheet:

*Katey is cooing and smiling lots and lots! She loves to look at your face and gives big gummy grins!
*She has been a sleeping champ the past couple weeks and her mommy is not complaining. She has a habit of sleeping from 10pm until 3 or 4 am!! WOO HOO 6 hours of sleep for mommy. She has even thrown a few 8 hour nights for me.
*She has already charmed Dr. Palmer and all the nurses at her appointments.
*I have so much fun dressing her every day and sometimes I hope she messes up her outfit so I can put another one on her.
*She is such a good baby, she is content most of the time and hardly puts up a fuss unless she is hungry or messy.

We adore you Katey Jane and we are so blessed to have you in our little family!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My helpful boys

Cameron and Jackson help me so much with Katey Jane. They bring me diapers and wipes, put her binky back in, sing her songs, turn the knob on her swing, and bounce her chair. They also love to hold her and talk about how cute she is!! I love watching them with her, they love her to pieces!!

Oh the funny things kids say....

Jackson: Gramma, you know the Dinosaur train is real?
Grandma: Really, I didn't know that?
Jackson: Yeah.

Gramma: Hey Jackson, what are you so worried about?
Jackson:  Um, Gramma, I can't find my dinosaurs, so I was thinking we should go to the mall and talk to  

Sunday, May 16, 2010

When Katey Smiles....

Well, we've gotten our first official smiles from Miss Katey Jane! She is so adorable! She finds your face and her little arms and legs start moving and then her little smile appears - melting your heart of course! She is almost cooing as well, she makes little baby noises, but really wants to sing to us! As soon as I can catch it on film I will post it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nap Time

Cameron decided not to take a nap today and I was sad. I love nap time. I needed a break form the noise and need. When I heard him banging on his door mom brought him downstairs and I looked at him and told him (thinking he wouldn't be listening) "Cameron, you need to go away for 2 hours!" He looked at me and said "No mommy, you need to go away" with a sweet smile. Oh Cameron - thank you for loving your mommy and being so dang adorable even when I want you to go away :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I was nursing Katey Jane while Jena was feeding the boys their lunch. Then she sat with them and was eating a grapefruit. She asked them if they wanted to have some to which Jackson replied, "Mommy how can than be a grapefruit.....there are no grapes in there?"

I love little minds!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grandpa DeLong

Our ward had Stake Conference on Sunday and I ended up in the back of the chapel at the end during the last talk and closing song because Katey was having a hard time. While singing the last hymn - Come Follow Me, I was remembering how much my Grandpa loved the hymns and singing. I used to go and play the piano for him while he sat in his chair and he would sing out all the words to every song. He suffered from Altzheimers and Dementia for the last 15 years of his life and passed away almost a year ago exactly. While singing the last verse - I swore that I heard my Grandpa singing. His voice was clear as a bell. I started looking around to see who could be singing that sounded like him, but as soon as it was there it was gone. I had tears in my eyes as I sang the last verse, but was thankful for the memory of my adorable Grandpa DeLong. I Love you Grandpa.

Word of the day....

Wow how time flies!! I can't believe I have a 1 month old little girl. She is being so nice to her mommy and I know I shouldn't, but I am waiting for her to start sucking as a baby. So far she has not given in and continues to be a dream!! She is now wearing size 1 diapers - a feat that took her older brother many months to accomplish! It is weird to have a growing baby!
I am truly enjoying being a mommy of two adorable, loving, kind munchkins.

The word of today is: GRATEFUL

Upside down sleeping?

Halsy had me rolling on the floor laughing last night. After folding 4 loads of laundry while I nursed and got Katey ready for bed. Halsy burped her so I could get ready for bed - Thank you sweetheart :) I came back upstairs and saw Halsy looking at the bassinet confused. He had bundled Katey and put her in her bassinet in the sleep positioner, but then looked at me and asked "Is that right?" I peeked in and he had her upside down in the positioner (her feet were higher than her head). I couldn't help it, I lost it with laughter and it was so ridiculous that Halsy busted out too. All he could respond with was "IT WAS DARK!" (sounding like Will Ferrell in an SNL skit "I drive a dodge stratus!") We laughed and laughed and laughed - thank you honey for giving me a great ending to my day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Puke Fest 2010

We had a predicament at the Morin Compound - mom and dad had tickets to go see Cirque de Soleil but it happened to be on a wednesday night, the night my mother does the most driving/shuttling of kids. Of course no one was home or willing to help, so the duty was passed to myself, Jackson, Cameron, and Katey. We piled into the big gray van and off we went with John in tow as well. We went to get Subway for Katelyn and John to eat before YM/YW and then to get Katelyn at Volleyball practice. After that we drove both kids to the church for YM/YW at 7pm. The boys were asking for french fries - and who am I to refuse? So we headed to McDonalds. After passing out the food to both boys in the back of the van we headed home. I turned onto 198th from TV Hwy and happened to check my rearview mirror in time to notice Cameron choking - like scary for-real-life choking! I started to yell "Are you breathing?" "Cameron are you choking??" I immediately pulled over and started to climb in the back to do whatever I could to help him, but than he started puking and after establishing that he was breathing I figured I should get out of the road. I drove ahead and pulled into the Intel parking lot. I went back to see the damage.
   Not only had Cameorn threw up his fries, but his entire dinner from 2 hours before. He was covered in puke. All I could do was laugh and bust out the wipes to start cleaning. Jackson piped up and said "Brooke, I am gonna puke too (while gagging)" I asked him to please please please not puke, luckily he obliged. I put all the throw up into the mcdonalds bag on the seat and had to strip Cameron down to his diaper and use one of Katey's blankets to line the car seat. Cameron was laughing at me as I grumbled while cleaning, which started Jackson laughing, and then I couldn't help but join in!!
  After cleaning I picked up the mcDonalds bag to throw it away and the puke had eaten through the bottom and it fell out all over the floor of the van!! ARGH! Finally after cleaning the carpet (silently cursing my son) I was able to drive the boys home.

I don't ever want to do that again. Ewww.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interesting Mommy Day

Tha AC has been broken in the Xterra for a while now and since I have taken over driving it there hasn't been a need since it has been so cold. However, with the sun peeking out more and more and with a new baby in the car I thought it important to get that fixed.We took it to Meineke and got a quote of $260.00 OUCH and had it scheduled for last Saturday.
   On friday, my dad reminded me of a family friend that fixes cars and had actually fixed one of my cars in the past. If I could get the part he would definately charge me less labor that Meineke. I called Ricardo and he said he knew how to fix our problem and that he could do it on Monday. I was so excited. Halsy called around to auto part stores and found the part we needed at Autozone - although it needed to be ordered. The part was to be delivered Sunday or Monday. I was really hoping we could just go and get it on Sunday after church (no worries we pre-paid :) because we would already be in town, but the part hadn't arrived yet.
   So Monday morning I called and it was there. Also, when I asked about the pre-pay they said their records didn't show a payment - I told them I would bring my bank statement to prove payment. Of course, gung ho me, I packed Katey and Cameron into the car and headed to Autozone. As we pulled up Katey was screaming and Cameron had crumbled his bread all over him and the car seat. As I pulled Katey out of her car seat to burp her, she pooped her pants!! I then got Cameron out of his seat and told him to leave his bottle in the car, however after a fit in the parking lot I gave in and let him bring in the bottle - what does it matter really I figured??  We got in there and they couldn't find the part or the debit card payment in their system. Here I am with two little kids waiting in a very non-child proof store for 20 minutes while the retards finally found my transaction and the part. We got back into the car and headed to our next destination.
  We got to the hospital to deliver a thank you to the nurses that took such good care of me. We went up to the third floor to say hello, then hung out in the waiting room while I changed Katey's diaper and nursed her. Luckily Cameron didn't destroy anything as he was climbing on chairs and tables because he knew I couldn't get up. We headed back to the car and as I went to put Cameron in his seat he told me he was poopy. ARGH - changed him, folded the stroller, and on we went. We went to the office to drop of the Xterra and do a little work for Dad. AFter getting back home I got a call from Ricardo saying that Autozone gave us the wrong part. WHAT!?!?! I just spent a stressful day in the car with two kids for the WRONG PART. I almost called them right then and there to yell and berate their intelligence, but I knew I would probably sound insane.
   Luckily, my uncle was able to find the right part at another store for $20 cheaper and they had it next day. So I am now getting ready to go into town and get my new AC working vehicle.
   Another bonus to the story - when I told Ricardo how much I wanted to pay him, he absolutely refused and only upon great insistance did he let me pay with cookies!! Thank you Ricardo - a student's life is always in need of some extra cash!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Katey's 2 Week Check up

Katey Jane has officially surpassed her birth-weight and is now weighing in at 7 lbs 6 oz and is 21 inches long! You are in the 25th percentile for your weight and the 50th for your height! Way to go little Miss!

Katey Jane's Fact Sheet:

** You are the best behaved baby I know! You hardly cry, spit up, or put up a fuss!
** You are absolutely beautiful to look at!
** You make noises like a little billy goat while you are sleeping. At first it kept me awake at night
     wondering if that meant you were waking up, but my ears are now trained and I am able to tune you
     out :) No offense!
** You love to be swaddled and be warm. So unlike the rest of your polar bear family! You get the extra
     blankets at night!
** So far you enjoy car rides, I hardly hear a peep from you while driving....heaven!

We are so excited to learn all about your little personality and fall more in love with you every day!!

Cameron's 2 Year Check up!

Height: 33 3/4" (50th percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs 3 oz (5th percentile) 

   You passed with flying colors, physically you are doing wonderful and you are meeting all your milestones. You have Dr. Palmer wrapped around your finger with those big baby blues. You let Dr. Palmer check your eyes, nose, mouth, everything and put up no fuss about it!

Cameron's Fact Sheet:

** You can put sentences together: "Jackson closed the door" "Mommy, what are ya doing?" "I love
** You can almost get your shoes on by yourself!
** You love cars, tractors, trucks, and trains.
** You love dinosaurs, expecially your e-rex and e-neck (T-Rex and long neck)
** You are the sweetest older brother and you ask to hold Katey and give her loves all the time.
** You love to dance with me! We crank the tunes and sway and move all around the living room. This
     makes your mommy very happy.
** You are such a good helper!
** You really like to feed the cows with Grandpa!
** Luckily you haven't figured out how to open doors yet!
** You give the sweetest hugs and kisses!
** I am continually amazed at your smarts! You can figure things out and really picks up on things fast!
** You are spitting out new words daily
** Your favorite things to eat are: Hot dogs, cheese, apples, milk, cake, marshmallows, candy (any
    kind), pickles, pears, corn, and green beans.
** You say your prayers with mommy and say thank you for the most random and adorable things;
    people, toys, and places, etc. I love hearing your little voice pray!
** You are very polite, you say "thank you" "excuse me" "please" and most times you don't need

I love you my dearest Cameron boy. You bring your mommy a lot of joy!

The Guilt has set in.......

It's official.......I have already taken at least half the pictures of Katey than I did of Cameron. I don't even have my camera charged and ready. I know I gotta give myselft a break - she is only 2 weeks old for heaven sake - but I need to make a resolution to do better!


We'll see how that goes......wish me luck!

Beautiful Baby Girl - Weeks 1 & 2

   After such a wonderful birth experience, Katey continued to be so. She is such a wonderful baby!! She hardly cries, she nurses well (no nipple shield), she sleeps well, and SHE DOESN'T PUKE!!! I am loving all the pink, purple, and ruffles. I have to change her clothes at least 2 times every day to be sure she gets to wear all her cute things!
   I had a rough 1st week at home. I had the baby blues pretty bad, worse than with Cameron. Also, with my extensive stitch job I was in a lot of discomfort and was not enjoying life. I went back in to see my OB and they gave me some medicine to help with my hormones and emotions. Luckily, my depression faded in a few days and I at least "felt" better. However, my body wasn't doing so well. I think I tried to do too much during week one that I didn't let my body heal as it should. AFter going back to the doctor again to make sure everything was healing correctly, I was given more meds and under strict instruction to sit/lay down more often. I took that advice very seriously and within a few days my body started to feel much better.
   I am now 2 weeks post delivery and feeling great! My body is almost healed and my emotions are as they once were.

The Arrival of Miss Katey Jane Carter

We were in Eugene vising Halsy's family and were very excited to take Cameron Easter egg hunting with all his cousins, but all our plans changed when my water broke at 6:30am, waking me up!! I yelled for Halsy (sleeping in the other room because Cameron needed a buddy) and recieved a groggy reply. "Honey, come here please!" He arrived at the door half asleep, "So uh, my water just broke" to which he answered "Holy Crap, well okay then what do we do?". I told him to get all our stuff packed as fast as possible and I called my doctor. I have never seen Halsy move that fast! He packed EVERYTHING in less than 20 minutes.....I was so impressed. He woke his parents and they made Halsy and Cameron breakfast so we could head out the door.
   We made it to Legacy Meridian Park Hospital in 1 hour and 20 minutes.....definately speeding the entire way. We walked in around 8:30am and they got me into a room so they could check me. We called my parents to come and get Cameron and started the waiting game. They checked my cervix and I was still only dilated to 2 cm and 70% effaced. Also, they said that my water still hadn't officially broken. Apparently in most women the 2 layers of the amniotic sac are fused together, but in my case I had two layers of amniotic fluid and only one had broken. I was so bummed, but they said thay wanted to keep me in the hospital to see if I was going to go into labor since I was having semi-regular contractions.
   A couple hours passed and my cervix wasn't making any progress and they were starting to talk about the possibility of sending me home. Halsy and I went for walks around the hallways and whenever I was out of sight of the nurse station I was jumping!! We came back to the room and they decided to give me meds to help me sleep and when I woke up I would either be in labor or they would send me home. They gave me two shots in my butt - YOUCH and off the dreamland I went. I woke up at 2:30pm and my water broke!! YAY!! They weren't going to send me home!! We were so excited!
   The progress was so SLOW. Mom came to hang out with us and stayed all night - she was a trooper and kept Halsy from going crazy! She kept everyone updated for me via phone and texts and snuck in yummy treats. We watched Pretty Woman and quoted every line before it happened - driving Halsy slightly crazy :)
   It took forever to dilate even 1 cm, but the doctor didn't want to give me pitossin because I was a previous C-Section and they didn't want to stress my uterus any more than it was. So we waited. At 3:30am they decided to give me some pitossin because my contractions were spacing farther apart and becoming more sporadic. After the pitossin the contractions became more intense and at 5:30am I asked for the epidural. It was a little painful, but not unbearable, and after it was done I was in heaven. I mostly slept the rest of the time until the doctors checked me again around 9am. I had made progress!! Dilated to a 5!
   Mom slept in the waiting room and Halsy took the couch and we all tried to catch up on some sleep again. Around 10:45, I woke up and asked mom to get me something to suck on because my mouth was dry and gross. She headed to Fred Meyer down the road and as she left the doctors came in to check on me. I wasn't feeling any pressure yet, but within 15 minutes or so I felt a tingling in my bottom. I let the nurse know and she checked me. Sure enough I was fully dilated and close to pushing. I told Halsy to call my mom and get her back here ASAP. Mom thought he was joking with her, it had taken so long up until this point.....so she rushed back and got there in plenty of time. We called my dad and told him to hustle too!!
   The nurse started getting the room ready for delivery and said they would page the doctor when I go closer, and that it would probably be another hour before Katey comes. She had me do some practice pushes and said "oh wow, lets call the doctor, I think Katey is on her way right now!" The doctor came in and had me push a few more times, then said to stop while she got her equipment ready....20 minutes total pushing and out came Katey Jane Carter.
   The cord was around her neck, but not something that was uncommon. She was 6 lbs and 9 oz, 20 inches long. Halsy got to cut the umbelical cord and then they placed her on my chest and I got to cuddle and love on her for quite some time. Her eyes were wide open and she was perfectly pink and healthy. The doctors had to do quite the stitch job on mommy, but luckily the epidural saved me a trip to the operating room. I was bleeding a lot, but after 20 minutes of stitching the doctor was able to get it under control.
  This birth was amazing, I enjoyed it and hope that as I have more babies they can all come this way. I prefer this to a C-Section any day. We have our beautiful baby girl and we couldn't be happier.
Cameron came later that day to meet his new baby sister!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cameron's First Experience with a Mascot

   We went out to dinner with Halsy's family at Home Town Buffet. I didn't know it, but apparently they have a mascot. A Big Bumble Bee. Now, Cameron likes bees - all summer long he tries to pick them up and give them kisses - so we thought he might like the bee. How wrong we were.

   The Bee came close to our table with a handful of balloons and Cameron was okay at first, but as the Bee came closer and closer a look of panic took over Cameron's little face. He leaned as far away as possible and no matter how much we looked like we enjoyed the Bee, Cameron was not having it. He started to poke his lower lip out and cry. I felt so bad!  Luckily the Bee caught on and moved to another table of kids.

    The rest of dinner Cameron couldn't eat unless that Bee was no where to be seen for at least a few minutes. He would watch the Bee like a hawk and actually called out to him, but if it came close at all the tears would come out. If the Bee went out of sight he would say "Bee?" and I replied "He's is taking a break buddy". "Okay Mommy". He was then able to eat some of his dinner until that Bee was spotted. Then we started over again. He would watch and then after he disappeared for a while he would ask if the Bee was on a break before continuing to eat.

    That stinkin' Bee didn't get it. He kept coming by the table and waving to Cameron - I was about to strangle a mascot! I got Cameron to say "No thank you Bee" and finally after 3 fly-bys he got the picture and left our area alone.

    I really wish I had taken a picture of the Bee for you all to see, but my camera was left in my purse at home. So just picture and red and yellow 5 ft tall bee holding balloons coming toward you slowly - I could definitely see how that would freak out a 2 yr old.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

38 Weeks - Still Preggers

   The full moon did me no favors this month. I wa really counting on the old wives tale that women tend to go into labor on or close to a full moon. Well, the full moon was on monday and nothing!! 2 weeks left and the progress towards labor has been minimal at best. 2 cm and 80% effaced.
   Katey Jane is measuring right on schedule and not going to be too big or too small. Also, I am very healthy so there is no cause for an induction unless I am a week overdue. At that point we'll see what is going on down there and decided on breaking my water or C-Section.
   I am jealous of all the women who delivered this morning that kept my doctor from being able to see me on time at my appointment.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pajama Preferences

Cameron now has an opinion on what he wants to wear to bed at night. He picks out his shirt and pants (uaually not matching :) and of course says "I do it". Needless to say bedtime has taken a little longer these days to accomodate our son's new independence.
Last night he picked his pants, but refused to wear a shirt. It was a mommy moment - force the issue and get an unhappy fit throwing kid, or let it go because really who cares what he wears to bed as long as he goes to bed. I chose the latter. I giggled to myself the entire bedtime process staring at his bare little tummy and chest and realized again how beautiful my little boy is! He went to sleep without a fuss and yet again I was taught a valuable lesson by my 2 yr old. Just let it go Mommy....in 5 years will this matter? Nope.

Sleep on my Cameron Boy!  

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Katey Jane Bedroom

My nesting needs were in full swing on Monday because I finished her entire bedroom! Clothes organized, bedding/blankets washed and folded, diapers, etc. Even decorated her little room too!

Ok sister, Mom is ready....lets move it move it!

37 Weeks OB Appointment

Went to the doctor with a very different attitude this week - UNCOMFORTABLE. I now understand what my mother meant when she said "you will reach a point where you consider anything to be done with pregnancy". I am still ok with her being inside because at least I am sleeping....but it is starting to really bother me how uncomfortable most things are for me now. Walking, sitting, rolling, picking up Cameron, driving, etc. Hopefully she comes soon - I would really like to deliver while Halsy is home for Spring Break for 2 1/2 weeks. Sure would be nice to have the help!

Doctor Check up:
2 1/2 cm and 70% effaced. Her head is still at a -2 so not too much happening, but at least we are moving toward the mark!

Cameron Story

Last night Halsy was putting Cameron to bed and shared this adorable story. He asked Cameron to get in his bed for night time and Cameron expressed that he wanted to sleep in our bed. Halsy said "Cameron, don't you want to sleep in your very own big boy bed?" to which he replied, "I do not, Daddy!" It was his first declarative statement at 23 months old that was longer than "NO"! It was so cute that Halsy let him fall asleep in our bed! What a sucker......:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Doctor Appointment 36 Weeks

I went to se the OB today and was checked. Dilated to 2 cm and 50% effaced!! Katey Jane is making progress! We might have an early arrival or she just likes messing with her mommy's mind :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh the Joy!

Just wanted to let everyone know how excited I am for ECLIPSE!! Just watched the trailer and I am slightly giddy. Can't wait for the full trailer and anything else they come up with to release before it hits theaters! I know I will gobble it all up with JOY!

These chicks are pretty funny

I agree with most of their commentary, but must admit I choose A! I am a sucker for romance, drama, teenage love, hot vampires, and the occasional hot werewolf!

Let the count down begin!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cameron and his baby doll

Cameron found a baby doll yesterday and I have been watching him play more and more with it again today. Finally I asked him what her name was, to which he replied "Atey Jane!" I died!! So I went right a long with it. We changed her diaper, fed her, wrapped her in a blanket, took her for a ride in the stroller and Cameron was in hog heaven!!
 Here he is feeding her a bottle before we put her in her bed and said night night.

Pregnancy Update

No contractions as of yet, just general discomfort. Sleeping is hilarious - it is like a beached whale trying to turn over. Grunting and huffing as I use the spokes of the headboard for the leverage I need to change sides. Halsy giggles next to me, but smartly keeps his comments to himself :) I think I might be waddling a little - if you get the chance to check me out from behind, please let me know and I will try to correct the waddle. I am getting the sharp pains in the lower abdomen and groin from all the tendos and muscles loosening and tightening in preparation for labor. I must say, despite the uncomfortable feelings, I am very grateful for weeks left in the pregnancy. Katey Jane is so easy to care for inside my belly- no crying, no diaper bags, no spit up, no poop explosions, and when I am tossing and turning at night at least I am still lying down. Don't worry about coming early little Miss - mommy is just fine waiting to meet your sweet little personality until April 13th!!  

Here is my prego pic marking week 35!! 8 1/2 months down. Not my best, but it will have to do!

I went to the OB this morning, after examination there is no dilation as of yet, but he said my cervix is thinning out. I'll keep you updated on the progress next week!

Shut out the world......ever tried it?

Yesterday I needed silence. But, alas, it was not in the cards. I was tired, emotional, cranky, achy, and did I mention CRANKY! My patience was already wearing thin at 7am and I knew the kind of day I was in for. Luckily I got to go to work and have a break from kids. It felt like everyone (Cameron and Jackson specifically), not just, me was having an emotional day. My house was a mess, I was down to zero laundry, Cameron was throwing a fit because I told him he couldn't have a bottle, and Jackson was angry about what movie I had turned on!! I left all noise and shut myself in the bedroom before my thoughts about what I wanted to do to my children became reality. It shut out just enough of the noise that I could get my head back....Cameron finally stopped crying and there was silence. I peeked out the door and sure enough they were locked into the TV. I changed my clothes into comfy sweats, made the bed and lounged with my book for 30 minutes while the boys quietly watched a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh..........I was a much nicer and patient mommy after that! Laundry got done, house got tidied, and the boys were able to enjoy me again too!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Katey Jane Pregnancy

I thought I should jot down some of my thought about this pregnancy before it is over!

     With little miss we didn't even find out I was pregnant until the first trimester was almost over (mid september), so I wasn't really sick so long or so horribly. I thought I was pregnant because I started to forget things (lost my wedding ring, lost my cell phone, lost my purse....) When I start to loose things or forget my family knows there is something up! I took 7 pregnancy tests in the 2 weeks after my forgetfulness because I was CERTAIN that I was pregnant and got 7 "no's". So I concluded that is was just weird hormones and moved on. 2 1/2 months later I took a test again because I wasn't feeling so well and got a "YES". I started crying because I didn't know what to do. This wasn't a planned pregnancy. I waited 3 or 4 days to tell Halsy.....we are never alone together anymore and it wasn't exactly a celebratory event - so I didn't want to give him a present or something silly. Anyways - told him and he was as shocked as I was. But he said "Sweetheart, we'll be okay, here we go!". I love him for that, I was so worried, but because he was such a good faker, it made me feel better :)

     I didn't have any major cravings until the 3 month and it was all about the PIZZA. I couldn't get enough....I think there was a week where I ate it every day for lunch and dinner. Little Caesars loved us! I once ate one entire pizza all by myself! That feat had never been attempted before and I don't think I could do it again.....but at the time it was the only thing that could help me feel better. I was sad because Coke tasted yucky to me for a month or so, and if you know me I LOVE coke. It was so sad and I couldn't even look at it as a positive because I was too depressed about not getting to drink my favorite treat anymore. I tried it every week hoping it would taste good again.....and sure enough, one day it did!! I was so happy! That is when I knew my 1st Trimester was over.
My body really likes to be pregnant, I feel great (after the 1st trimester) and I love how I look! I love wearing Maternity Clothes and being asked "How far along are you?". I love that I don't have to suck my stomach in for 9 months!! I love that I don't have a period for 9 months too!! I am now in the 8th month and starting to feel HUGE! I am definately carrying more forward this pregnancy and I feel like she is much bigger than Cameron was. I feel her moving all the time and it feels like she is taking up all the room possible in there :) We still have 6 weeks of growing to do - I hope I make it!!
It has become difficult to bend over to pick things up and getting up and down from the floor is entertaining. I am very excited to still be pregnant thought, she is much easier to take care of in there. My back is starting to get sore and I need to sit down more often now. My plan is to do a normal birth with an epidural. I was enduced with Cameron and needed an emergency C-Section and I really want to try a different way of birthing if possible. Hopefully Katey Jane won't be an acrobat like Cam was and get tangled in the umbelical cord!

34 weeks pregnant - Holy Moly here it comes......dun Dun DUN!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I Caught Cameron Singing in the Car Today

On our way home from the doctor's office today I had one of my CD's that I love on and in particular the Jai Ho song from Slumdog Millionaire remixed by the Pussy Cat Dolls. I heard his little voice chime in when the singer holds the Hooooooooooo note for a long time and then again when he does it again. I about died from the cuteness!! I turned my mirror to look at him and sure enough he was making a little "o" with his lips and singing away!! I started the song over and Cameron and I sang the entire way home. It was a blast to enjoy music with him.

If you have never heard the song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-kIDxbS-yM


Last night my parents were crankin the tunes while they were doing the dishes and Cameron and I were dancing around the kitchen table. They were mostly ballads from the 70's and 80's so I was able to hold him and sway and spin. "I want to Break Free" - Queen, Phil Collins, "Under Pressure", anyways lots of good stuff. I was dancing and remembered something that I needed to check on the computer for Halsy's trip this week and sat at the computer for a minute. Cameron popped his head off my shoulder and said "Mommy, Dance!" I said " Oh buddy, you want to dance?" He said, "YES, dance!". My heart melted and off we went dancing again. I think we danced for 30 minutes together cuddling and enjoying. I was in heaven - not too much longer will I get to enjoy my little Cameron boy like that.

Cameron never gives up

We have had the sickness at our house during the past week. Jackson got it first, then Austin, then Jena, then John, then Dad, then Cameron, then ME!! Everyone got better within 2 days......except Cameron. (of course) He has been sick since wednesday night and so we are headed to the doctor this morning. I have had to withold milk from him because it seems that every time I let him have some he throws up again.....so on to my story. Last night at bedtime he really wanted a bottle and he was PERSISTENT!! He went to every family member in the house and asked them "Milk Please" in the saddest voice ever!! He never found someone who actually gave in, although we all wanted to!! I was impressed with his never give up attitude and thought I should remember how persistent he was at only 2 years old.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sweetheart's Ball

Oh the Farmington Ward Sweetheart's Ball......how I love you! We had a blast this year, the food was yummy and the dancing rocked!! Halsy danced with me this year - and that is a rarity!! I know my hubby loves me :) Here are a few pics of the evening:

Weight Loss Update

Halsy and I are still going strong and are both down in the weight loss poundage! It is so nice to have a team of WW people at the house. Mom, Halsy, Megan, Jerry, Katelyn, and myself are all trying to eat healthier and it hels to have team mates!

Currently I am down 6 lbs and Halsy has lost 3lbs!! WOO HOO! Can't wait to post before and after pictures that will knock your socks off!

Mr. Independent

Cameron loves to do EVERYTHING by himself. Walking down the stairs, putting on clothes, climbing into the Xterra and getting into his car seat, and anything else he possible thinks of! It is so adorable that he wants to do it all by himself, but everything sure does take twice as long now!

We recently discovered puzzles and Cameron has a knack for them! He loves to dump them out, put the pieces together, and dump again.....over and over and over! I love watching his little face scrunch in concentration.

Yesterday, Cameron had a definate opinion on what he wanted to wear all the way down to his shoes and he wouldn't let me help him put the shoes on either! Finally, around 6pm he came walking over to me with one shoe on saying "Did it!" with the biggest smile! I gave him a big hug and helped him put on his other shoe so he could go play. It was fun to see the pride beaming from his little face. Today he decided that no clothes should be on the menu after nap time. I decided to go with the flow and we had diaper day. He was a happy camper - good thing I didn't have to go anywhere :)

I love my little man's opinions, while frustrating at times, I love learning about his little personality. We have so much fun together and I can't wait to be a full time stay-at-home mommy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Katey Jane Carter

How baby girl got her name:

Katey Jane Carter

I always wanted to name my daughter after my mother. I had always thought of it as a middle name and my hubby and I would get to choose a first together. As this pregnancy went on and more and more names were looked at, I thought "If this is my only daughter, what would I want her name to be?" A Family Name. I decided to nameher after my dear Aunt Jane also - and Katey Jane was born! As soon as I wrote the name I knew that was my girl's name! Unfortunately......Halsy didn't like it. I tried everything I could think of to get him to see that it was the most beaufitul name EVER, but to no avail. I offered to grown out my hair and keep it long for a couple years (something he has been begging me to do forever), I tried to think of nicknames he could call her, I even made a list of others names that I sort of liked and convince myself that that was the fate of our daughter, but my gut was never quiet - Katey Jane......Katey Jane.......We went back and forth so much about it we had to stop talking about it because we weren't getting anywhere.....

So at work Friday I decided to write down ALL of my reasons for loving the name and send them to him in an email in a last ditch efort to get him to go for Katey Jane. The email looked like this:

Why I LOVE the name Katey Jane Carter:

1. It is very sentimental to me to be able to name my daughter after my mother who I love dearly and my favorite Aunt.
2. It is really cute when you say it together, apart, as initials, anyway you say it, it is beautiful.
3. I can sing to her “K K K Katey, beautiful Katey, you’re the only girl that I adore…..”
4. I love the tradition of the family name: Kate, Katelyn, Katie.
5. I am in love with it. It was not something that I would have chosen before, but once I heard it I was in love.
6. I love to write it, of all the names we have thought of, this is the prettiest to write on paper.
7. Every single person that I have asked their opinion - LOVES IT! Family and non-family alike.
8. If I only get one little girl....I would be in heaven to name her something that I LOVE!!

How about, if you let me have Katey Jane - you can pick the next little girl's or boy's name?!?!?!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE choose Katey Jane Carter!!!

Love, Brooke

I sent the email out to the universe and hoped he would check his email soon! I waited all day and the subject was not broached. I was bummed. After Cameron was put in bed, Halsy handed me a gift wrapped in pink......LOVE IT! I opened the gift and it was my email - but he had added at the bottom:

If it means that much to you, Katey Jane it is!

I WAS SO EXCITED!!! I gave him the biggest hug and biggest kiss and couldn't stop smiling! I have a beautiful baby girl on the way and she has the most beautiful name!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Weight Watchers

Halsy and I started WW this week and had our first weigh in this morning! I actually did very well, loosing 3 lbs this week! (No worries, I cleared all weight loss through my OB) Halsy started mid week so he will count this as his starting weight. I am not worrying about excercise until after the baby comes, just becasue I am uncomfortable enough as it is! Wich us luck and hopefully we will see the results soon!

Cameron Talking

Cameron has started talking! "Daddy, come on!" Mommy, Wait!" "I don't know" "Bite please" phrases that he has heard others say for a long time and he is now just spoutig them like it's nothing! I love to hear his little voice! He is counting too, every night before we go to bed we count our fingers. He knows 2,3,5,8,9,10.....so sweet. He is singing with us more too! Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle, Hey Diddle Diddle, Miss Polly, and Little House. He smiles so big the entire time!! He also tells us what books he wants us to read at bedtime and is very adamant about it! Go Dogs Go is his very favorite. I absolutely love watching him learn and grow!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cameron Update

Our little guy is growing so fast! I can't believe how much he has grown......

When he started talking "YAH" = yes, then that morphed into "ESH" = yes somehow and today he said "YES". He is sounding more and more grown up. He is prounouncing his little words so much better. His singing is also improving. He sings lots of words to Twinkle Twinkle and Hey Diddle Diddle. It is so fun to have him sing with us at bedtime now!.

His physical coordination is much improcing too! He has really been into doing things by himself lately and the stairs is one of those tasks. He started by holding the railing, but now he walks right down the middle like a big boy!! It scares me to death, but he is a persistent little guy!

He knows that Mommy has a baby in her tummy, but hasn't figured out what a sister is yet. Can't wait for him to meet the new little miss coming in April! Week 27 and counting!