Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kid Update


Cameron amazes us every day with his smarts!! He loves to do "I spy" type books and he has all of them memorized already :) He is soooo into Toy Story (all three - but I think #2 is his favorite) He has a bedtime sticker chart and when I asked him what he wanted for a prize at the end he said "A big Buzz Lightyear that flies and says 'To Infinity and Beyond'!!" So I ordered one yesterday and I can't wait to see what his face when he opends it!! He is so swet with his sister - a little rough at times, but he adores her. When she is crying in her bed at night he sneaks into her room and climbs onto her brib and sings/talks to her. I almost felt bad asking him to go back to his own bed after that one! He loves to run around and pretend that he is flying. He has a very vivid imagination and if I can I like to sit where he can't see me and just listen to him play with his toys. He sleeps in his own bed and sleep totaly crooked! He usually ends up sideways across his pillow. He still holds his ear when he gets nervous or is worried about something. He gives the sweetest and bestest hugs and kisses.

Katey Jane

Katey Jane is a mover!! She is almost crawling - moslty scooting, but she comes and gets me now. She also walks around holding on the the furniture!! she is soooo happy that she can go where she wants. She has started taking juice from a bottle/sippy cup. So nice. She loves to EAT. I think she would just keep eating forever - which is good because she is such a little thing! she is starting to wave Bye-Bye and she LOVES to  make tons of noise! she jabbers and babbles at the top of her little lungs! She loves songs and signs - she is getting close to signing back completely! She is the apple of her mommy's eye - she is so beautiful and fun to get gussied up!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sunny and Cold???

When we went outside today Jackson said: "Hey, it's sunny today!!" We said "I know, how fun is that??" to which he replied, "but wait....how can it be sunny and cold?"

Oh Jackson - you are too cute for words!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Katey Jane is 9 months old!!

Our little Miss Katey Jane Carter is 9 months old!!
 We can't believe how big you are getting!

9 Month Stats:
Height: 27 inches (40th Percentile)
Weight: 16 lbs 4 oz (10th Percentile)
Head: 17 inches (85th percentile)

You are our little bundle of joy!!
You are happy about 95% of the time. The other 5% you are tired, poopy, or sick.
You are still a wonderful sleeper and take great naps during the day!
You are so much fun to get dressed every day and Mommy loves that you still wear heats and headbands!
You can understand when we sign to you - "MILK", "FOOD", "MORE", "ALL DONE"
Whenever mommy sign MILK or FOOD your little legs and arms start moving like crazy and you suck faster on your binky - SO ADORABLE!!
You can sign back - "MILK" and "MORE"
You have started to copy us when we make noises and words!
You are a little babbler - noises and sounds galore!
You love us to sing to you! Your little face lights up whenever we start a new song!
You have the face of a little cherub - people can't help but smile when you do!
You are a stunning beauty - We get stopped every where we go with you and your brother because of how beautiful you are!
You can clap your hands and give kisses!! We all adore those kisses!
You aren't crawling yet, but can scoot a little on your bum and roll all over!
You love to stand up - we think you might skip crawling and just walk in a month or two?!?
You are such a good baby - very content and happy.

We Love you Punkin' Doo, Sister Face, Buggy Boo, Princess Girl.......
Any way you say it - you are our Miss Katey Jane!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Things

Cameron has almost mastered potty training!! YAY! While he is able to tell us now before he goes to the bathroom, thus cutting back on the amount of poopy underpants we have to clean,  he is not tall enough to go by himself.....our little man is so much more rown up than he looks! He LOVES nursery and goes without a complaint every week. He has been sleeping in his own bed for quite some time, but within the last couple weeks, he began to STAY there all night. We have definately not missed our 5am bed buddy :) Even though he is so adorable!

Katey Jane is babbling, standing, and trying to crawl. She has mastered rolling and sitting, but I think she might skip crawling all together and just walk. She is clapping and is starting to copy us and the noises we make. She can make the sign for "milk" and understands "milk" and "food". She is so much fun!

Halsy got a new calling to teach the 4 year olds on Sunday and he really enjoyed it! I think it will just keep getting more fun for him.

I am starting a biggest loser competition with my girlyfriends starting tomorrow - UGH. The winner gets $40 and bragging rights, and hopefully motivation to keep going!! Wish me luck!!