Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The stares have begun

Today was a busy day! I dropped all three kids off at jena's so I could go to my post pardon OB appointment and Hurried up the freeway. Everything looks dandy and I am feeling fine! I am also completely off my depression medication and doing very well. I grabbed some subway and drove back to jena's. Fed the kiddos, changed diapers, nursed, woofed down some food, and headed to our next appointment - Cameron's dentist check up. It was unavoidable that I could go with no other children, so I put in a happy face and went for it. ( the only time available was also smack dab in the middle of nap time) love that! I had Landon in the front pack, KJ in the stroller, and Cameron walked. I had at least three people say " wow, you are a busy lady" or "boy do you have your hands full" I always smile and whole heartedly agree :) the kids did so well, I was very surprised. No meltdowns or antics. They all slept on the car drive home and oh how I wanted to pull over an climb in the back to nap with them. It has been a doozy around here. Whew!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Happiest boy

Landon has started smiling and cooing! I love it. He loves to look around, especially at faces. He is holding his head up and is awake more during the day, giving us more opportunities to smooch, oogle, and love his little face!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I know Halsy loves me when....

He brings me my favorite flowers!

I am not really a bring home flowers type a gal, except twice a year. Dahlia season and daffodil season - my two favorite flowers. Halsy came home on Monday with flowers and a large fountain diet coke! I loved it and I love him.

My hubby has worked so hard over the past 7years. Getting good grades, passing tests, meeting all the requirements, and missing family fun!
We have almost reached the finish line. Halsy has taken his last class ever and all that is left is his internship and a few big tests until he will officially hold the title of Doctor. I am so proud of him and us for making it this far. .

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Escape Artist

We moved our "house" down to katelyn's old room (she left for BYU). It is a much smaller space, but we have a bathroom and laundry on the same level as us. It was well worth the sacrifice of space.
We had to curtain off half the room to make a bedroom and a living room. KJ also got her own big girl bed because the crib sucks to move. Well we have found a problem, she doesn't stay in her bed and curtains are easily penetrable. She has weaseled her way through the curtains many different ways. Today I thought I had her fooled, but I was the fool. I came up to check on her and this is what I found.

She had to fall asleep here because she can't get down once she is up.

I think I have a solution. Bunk beds with her on top!!! I will let you know the results soon :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Landon Halsy Carter ~August 14, 2012~

 We were scheduled to go to the hospital at 5am for our induction. I was very happy that we had a date picked so I could be sure to have bags packed and ready to go. I stayed up until 12am and was finally able to make myself fall asleep. I woke up at 3am and got ready for the long day ahead. I called the hospital at 4am to confirm the induction, only to be informed that there were too many mommies that went into labor the night before. We got pushed back to 7:30. I was wide awake and was not able to go back to sleep, but Halsy did. I called again at 6am to be sure they were ready for us and they gave us the green light!! I was excited!! I woke Halsy up and off we went to have our baby.
  We got to the hospital and after I got into my sexy gown, they hooked me up to the monitors and got an iv into my hand.

I was pleased that I was already having small contractions before they had given me pitocin.....and was hoping that meant this would go quickly. My nurse was absolutely adorable and took really good care of us. I was nervous about getting the IV because I don't have a great history with them. With Cameron I was poked 4 times before they finally got one in my hand. With Katey Jane, I was stabbed 3 times before they finally listened to me and brought in a specialist. This time, when I told the nurse that I am very difficult to get an IV into - she listened to me!!! She called the IV therapist and he got it on the first try!! I was so relieved and grateful. They started me on pitocin and off we went.
   My family showed up around 9:30 to hang with us. We had: Mom, Megan, Jena, Jerry, Katelyn, John, Tiffany, Jane, and all their kiddos! We were quite the hoard and very loud I might add! My nurse was a champ to put up with all of us :) Dad came a little later and played with the kiddos in the lobby so the other adults could take turns in the room with me.

    They broke my bag of water at 10am and that was definitely the worst part of the entire labor. The doctor had HUGE hands - and we will just leave it at that. I felt the contractions ramp up quickly after that.Within a few hours I was really having to breath through them. I was in so much pain that I was getting angry. I was very short with my husband and even yelled at him at one point because he wasn't listening to me. He kept making jokes and I was not in the mood. Finally I put my face right up to his and hissed "STOP". I think he got the message :) He helped me though some contractions with massaging my shoulders and scratching/rubbing my head.

   I tried to go for a walk - hoping to get his head to sink a little before the epidural. I slowed down after the epidural in previous labors and I was trying something new. We didn't make it very far :) It sucks walking while in labor. We made it back to the room and I asked for the epidural. Luckily he was already there and came within 15 minutes. It was the best epidural experience I've had. It really didn't hurt at all. The anesthesiologist's name was Landon - such a fun coincidence. He let Megan stay to watch, because she'd never seen it done on someone else before, and was talking her though every step. I felt the effects within 5 minutes or so and I was so happy! I apologized to Halsy for yelling at him. At the time it seemed so rational to let him have it for not being at my complete beck and call, I did feel bad, but luckily he said it was no big deal and he understood (He better!!). I put in some ear plugs and took a nap after that! I kept waiting for that tingly feeling in my bum - meaning it was time to push, but nothing yet.

  All of a sudden - I felt it and asked to be checked again (they had just checked me 30 minutes earlier). Sure enough we were there!! 10 centimeters and ready to push! Everyone got so excited and began shouting instructions! Boys out - Take the kids - Get Dad - Find the Camera!! The girls were so excited!! The doctor came in and wanted me to do a "practice push". I told him that practice pushes bring my babies and he was pleased that I was right :)

 I pushed for 6 minutes and out came our beautiful little man Landon Halsy Carter! 7 lbs 8 oz, 19 1/2 inches long, 5:05pm.

  He was put right up on my chest and we sat together skin-to-skin for at least an hour. He was so calm and sweet. He looked around at everyone and we all oogled him. I finally agreed to give him to the nurses to be bathed. He loved the bath, but hated to be pulled out and fussed with. He was passed around the room and kissed to death! I got him back to try to nurse and for more cuddles.

Everyone came in from the Lobby and then I sent Halsy to go get Cameron and Katey Jane. They were so excited to see their new little brother.

    I was feeling really good and was ready to try and get up to go to the bathroom, but getting up made me super dizzy and nauseous! My face was creepy white and I felt like I was going to pass out. they had to use a "people transporter" to get me back to bed. I got to eat and then everything felt better!!! I was so excited to eat some FOOD!!
  My friends came to visit me late that night and brought me delicious fruit (which i ate entirely by myself) and wonderful company. Halsy was able to stay with me both nights in the hospital, he only had to leave when he had clinic. We had a good time. We were spoiled with friends and family coming to say hi!!
  We had a great experience, best yet if you ask me, and we are so happy to have our little boy here!!
Welcome to our family Landon man!!