Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Washington County Fair

The Fair 2008

We had a blast at the Washington County Fair this year!! We saw so many good friends and loved the experience of it all!! I loved getting Cameron all dressed up to go to the fair...notice his little red cowboy boots!

Sleepy heads.....the little boys took wonderful naps at the fair
despite all the noise. Cameron slept next to Bubba a lot...

These cousins sure love eachother!!!

Watching the cow show with Mommy and Grandma Morin....isn't he just beautiful!! The PKM Ranch did so well this year, we won supreme champion Bull and had the champion female....blue ribbons left and right.....It was so fun.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Typical Day Out....

We went out to lunch with my Aunt and Cameron threw up on 2 outfits and pooped on the third....he had to drive home in this condition. I felt like a horrible mommy....
Mind you we were gone three hours....

He filled a gallon ziploc bag with clothes and blankets....more laundry for mommy...

After a yummy lunch and another puke, he fell fast asleep!!

Playing Cards

The Boys decided to play Go FISH....
Cameron was a card shark, he gave nothing
away...look at that poker face.

Playing at the Park

We took the little boys to the park to see the ducks, have a picnic, and play on the toys too!! Mom, Me, Matt, Katelyn, Jackson, and Matt were able to go on the outing. We had a really good time walking on the trails and hanging out. Although for me it was a little too hot!!

Uncle Matt carried the two little boys for us, Cameron fell asleep and Jackson was in heaven to be so tall!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Trip to Eugene!

We were able to make a trip down to Eugene this past Sunday to see all of Halsy's family. We had a great time, Cameron slept the whole way there and the whole way back!! What a relief... we got to see our newest cousin Lukas (lucky) and the rest of the cousins. All of the older cousins are girls, so we joined the trend of boys and another one is on its way in August from Kristi & Paul!!

Lukas is on the left (Garzenelli's new man) and Cameron is on the right (our little guy). They are relaxing in their boppys on the couch while the adults talk away. We brought a little matching outfit for all the boys, they looked so cute!! I know we are silly, but what are you going to do?

Can you believe that Cameron is only a couple weeks older than Lukas? He'll catch up soon....

Bath Time

Our little cousins love their bath time!! We get in the bath every night to get ready for bed. IT is so cute, when Cameron hears the water turn on in the tub his legs start kicking and he gets really excited!! He loves to be in the water, baths with Jackson or showers with mommy or daddy. I can't wait to take him swimming because I know he will love it!

Jena's Jackson turned 2 in May and Cameron will be 3 months on the 25th of July. They are so dang adorable! These little boys bring so much fun and happiness to our home!! We don't know what we'd do without them!! Grandpa and Grandma Morin are in heaven having these little people around all the time for kisses and hugs...

Jackson like to help rinse off Camerons bubbles after he gets washed, he is a good helper at filling up the little tub too!!

Here is our little guy in his monkey towel that he uses every night! (Thank you Garzenelli Family!!). We sing songs while he gets his lotion and pajamas on. He loves it, he coos and smiles back at us while we get ready for bed.

Working with Mommy

I decided to quit my job at PEM after a week and a half of bringing him with me, it was too hard. He is a rough little guy to care for (tummy aches, throw up, crying...) and mixed with no sleep and new mommyhood I wasn't ready to work yet. So I came home. I now do data entry work online for Roof Life and it is wonderful, I can work as much or as little as my schedule allows and I can work from anywhere that has internet. I usually work while Cameron naps and then we get to play together the rest of the day!!

Halsy is still working for the Video game store and going to school. His job is perfect because they work with his schedule and he can do his homework at work!! Yay..He is starting Organic Chemisty this term and boy is he excited.. I am sure he will do fine, he is very smart. Cameron is such a sweet litte boy. This week he has decided to become a different child, he sleeps more, he cries less, and he smiles, coos, and can really look at us!! I have become a much happier mommy and wife now that I am getting a little more sleep!!

Baby Cameron is Here

Here is our new little man ~ Cameron James ~ we are so in love.

We came to the hospital to be induced at 7:00am. The nurses took all my vitals and put in the IV. They missed twice before finally getting a line in my hand, yuck! We then had the doctor come in and check my cervex to see how my labor was progressing before they started the pitossin drip. They checked me and I was at 3 cm and 80% effaced. They broke my water at 9:00am and then started my pitossin drip to get the contractions going. I contracted normally and at 2:00pm I had felt enough so I asked for the epidural. The doc came in and gave me the shot (not the most fun thing I have ever been through, bot definately worth it) and almost immediately felt no more contractions. YAY! My regular OB had to leave at 5:30 because his shift was over, I was so sad he wouldn't deliver my baby, but the doctor that took over I knew also and was so kind to me. I continued to progress and at 6:30 I was dilated to 8 cm, almost 9cm and 90% effaced. the baby was having a hard time though, his heart rate would drop too low and stay low for too long repeatedly. The doctor and nurses watched the monitors for a long while and had me try to lay in different positions to try and get Cameron to relax in the womb. After about 15 minutes the doc told me that he didn't think Cameron would make it through delivery and that he was in distress. We needed to get him out via C-Section immediately! I was so scared... I said "okay" and the room became chaotic, doctors and nurses in and out, I got a shot to stop labor, they put an oxygen mask on me, had me sign papers for the c-section and sent Halsy to change into scrubs. I was out of the room in less than 3 minutes. I didn't know where Halsy was and I was crying because I still didn't know quite what was going on with the baby...and I didn't want to have a C-Section. They wheeled me into the operating room, prepped me for the operation, let Halsy in, and in 5 minutes we had a purple baby boy.
The umbelical cord was wrapped around his neck and around his shoulder, also he was trying to come out with his face facing the wrong way. Whew, what a relief to mom and dad to see that little thing breathing and turn pink!! We are so thankful for Modern Medicine, out little guy wouldn't have made it through. Mommy and Baby are recovering very well. Brooke is feeling great, she is walking and sitting up and is enjoying the fun visitors. Cameron has figured out nursing and is enjoying the time with mommy. Halsy is amazed at this new little creature that looks just like him!!

Welcome to our family website!! We thought that since we have so many friends and family spread all over that we would send you our fun stories and our love through the internet! This is our first family picture....we are so excited to be parents. It has been the most challenging and exciting experience of our lives. We will be posting many more things soon, but for now just wanted to invite you all to come check us out every once and a while.
We Love you bunches,
Halsy, Brooke, & Cameron