Our Family 2017

Our Family 2017
Halsy, Brooke, Cameron, Katey Jane, Landon, and Claire

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old school tent making!!

We made a tent out of blankies and the boys had a blast playing inside!!

Cam is learning to give kisses!! so sweet!

Valentine's Day

The Sweetheart's Ball fell on Valentines Day this year.....so with all the youth tied up in serving and everyone else on their own Valentine's Date we got to take Cam with us!! He was an angel....he ate, slept, and danced the night away. I must say he was also the cutest boy there! Sorry honey......

Everyone looked so handsome to go dancing!!
Dancing with Grandpa and Granpma Morin!
Papa and Grandma Carter came too!! Cameron slept on both of them and gave sweet loves!!

Catching Up with fun Pictures!

Cameron has learned crawling and standing and I am in heaven, yes I have had to clear shelves, guard stairs, and put up gates, but I love that he is happier!! He is so fun to play with!!

Playing with the pretend kitchen!!

I have tried since Cam was a newborn to get him to take a binky, but to no avail. However, a few months ago he really couldn't calm down to go to sleep and so I grabbed a binky (just to see) and sure enough it worked!! I was so excited when it became a permenent love of his!!

We love living with Grandpa and Grandma! Cameron always has a play buddy at night when I am ready for a "Mommy Only" party.

Cameron discovered that he loves the Olive Garden Bread Sticks.....I think it's genetic becasue Halsy and I love them too!!!

Jena and Cam love to balance.

I just love this picture....Cam loves to be on your shoulders!!

No toy is unavailable to ym new little mover and he is in heaven!! He finds all of the toys in the buckets and dumps them on the floor......

Cam wanted to show Jackson what a big boy looks like in underwear (we are starting potty training Jackson).....a little big I think.
I have a lot of fun videos too.....but it takes forever to upload them to blogger.....to see them go to my facebook page.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Winter Wonderland!!

Cameron loved to look at the snow and touch it!

Out house looked so beautiful covered in snow!!
We had a ball in the snow! Cameron thought it was funny watching Katelyn and John sled and fall....we went for a walk in the snow and he didn't really like how the snow felt on his face so we brought an umbrella.